Perception “Love Sick” Review – Does Free Will Exist?

Perception (TNT) Lovesick Episode 6

After skipping last week, Perception is back on TNT tonight with “Love Sick”. Wasting no time at all, Kate barely let’s Pierce finish up his classroom lecture before she’s asking him for help on her most current case. An insurance company may be charged with murder – a patient that was diagnosed with major depression was only authorized for a one day stay in a treatment center, followed by four sessions with a therapist before being told he was “cured”. Like anyone that has suffered from depression (or known someone that has), obviously four hours and a day in the hospital are not enough to treat this major disease, and the kid ends up committing suicide. His doctor is found days later shot in the head. Is it a murder of revenge? It’s up to Moretti to find out!

After being authorized to “go outside the circle” based on Pierce’s findings in Dr. Corvis’ medical journals, Moretti and Pierce question several of the good doctor’s other patients, mainly those that were diagnosed with “transferential dopamine deficiency” which isn’t actually something a person can be diagnosed with because it’s not actually a real thing. However, Corvis was treating patients with a new drug that wasn’t released on the market yet for said issues.

The pill enhanced sexual experiences, and it turns out that Corvis was attempting to “cure” homosexuality through said pill and sessions of sexual encounters between partners. So… someone wasn’t really a doctor, but a major quack that needed some help himself. Good talk. Pierce discovers who the good doctor’s killer actually is and Moretti manages to get her confession.

Meanwhile, Lewicki gets lucky with a student (there has to be some sort of code breaking going on there) and Pierce struggles with his jealousy between Moretti and Roger. Things start looking up for our dear Doctor Pierce when he is introduced to Allison Bannister, played by the wonderful Krista Allen (who can also be seen in The LA Complex on The CW). Hey, Pierce? Kate is pretty and all, but go for Allison.

Perception returns next week and I’m anxious to see if Pierce and Bannister come together or what exactly is going to happen with that relationship! As always “Love Sick” was another great episode of Perception filled with a great story, dry humor, and great guest stars.

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  • ptjackson

    Oh, thanks for pointing out who that guest star was – I knew she was familiar!!

    I really enjoyed this episode, especially how uncomfortable Pierce was when the student got all mushy all over him – the looks on his face were priceless! And, yes, Lewicki admitted that he abused his authority since she was a student in a class where he was the TA.

    Ah, to be Kate – to have to choose between Hathaway and Pierce…… and BTW, when you say Roger, do you mean Michael? That is Jamie Bamber’s character – Michael Hathaway. Gosh, his accent alone melts my heart.