Falling Skies “A More Perfect Union” Review

Falling Skies Season 2 Finale A More Perfect Union

If there’s anything that Falling Skies knows how to do, it’s ending a season with a sledgehammer of a cliffhanger. Tonight’s season finale, “A More Perfect Union” definitely delivered that unexpected ending and then some.

The drama surrounding Arthur’s imprisonment and Bressler’s decree of Marshall Law fell apart rather quickly when the Skitters decided they couldn’t wait outside the city walls anymore and came inside to find Tom for themselves.

Seeing the 2nd Mass create a human wall of protection around the Skitters threw me off a bit. Although I’m sure the 2nd Mass trusts the judgement of Weaver and Tom, I find it somewhat hard to believe that all the individuals that got up there could suddenly be as trusting of the Red Eyed Skitter’s promises of an alliance. Aside from Tom, did any of them have a personal, positive experience with a Skitter? While I might understand a random member of the 2nd Mass being willing to engage in talks with the Skitter rebellion, I don’t know that I believe they’d be willing to take a bullet for a Skitter.

When Ben and the Red Eyed Skitter were finally able to meet with Tom and the rest of the military leaders in Charleston, they brought news of the exact location of the Emperor’s new battle station, and perhaps most important of all, they had learned that the Emperor himself was personally overseeing the final stages of the construction of this Death Star. Many Bothans died to bring them that information. Wait. Sorry, I got my Return of the Jedi mixed up with my Falling Skies for a second there. In Falling Skies, The Occupation was building a new super weapon of mass destruction, and Ashveni (the Emperor/Overlord that the 2nd Mass had previously captured) would be at the construction site to do a final inspection of the new super weapon himself.

As soon as the Skitters and Ben left, Bressler went on a rant about how crazy and unbelievable all that Skitter Rebellion information was. I didn’t really fault Bressler for his attitude or even for his decision to send in his men to attack the skitters because I imagine that 15 months ago, if a group of unfamiliar humans had said they were going to form an alliance with a group of Skitters, the 2nd Mass might have acted similarly.

Bressler crossed the line when he lied about sending in his men to kill the Skitters. If he truly believed that the ambush served a tactical purpose, he should have been forthright about it and told Weaver and Tom in no uncertain terms that he made that decision for the protection of Charleston. Bressler hadn’t planned on the fighters of the 2nd Mass being so persistent about going on the offensive “suicide mission” without the Skitters, but at this point Bressler was happy to get them out of his hair.

With Ben’s guidance, the 2nd Mass broke into the secret base, but were promptly ambushed by Skitters just as they decided to split up. Dai, one of my favorite secondary characters, was killed immediately in the scuffle while the rest of the fighters were caught and bound in the Overlord’s dangling prisoner vines.

I was not excited about seeing Karen walk down that ramp to address the prisoners. While I don’t mind her in the role of an Occupation spy, she makes a somewhat comical villain. She was much more menacing when she was playing mental games with the 2nd Mass. Now it’s hard to feel very threatened by her even with her big torture stick (although, I did panic a little bit when she threatened to shock a pregnant Anne with it, but I had a feeling it wouldn’t go that far.) Karen’s crazy escape crawl up the side of the wall during the Skitter’s attack made me chuckle, so I hope that she’s not being set up to become the primary antagonist now that Ashveni, the Overlord is dead, because I just can’t seem to take her seriously.

Speaking of which: Tom, bravo. That’s how you use a stick.

Right when I thought we were going to see the start of a new unified human-Skitter attack force that would turn the tide of the Occupation, Falling Skies flipped everything upside down. In the last few moments of tonight’s finale, we found out that Karen’s Poison Ivy kiss delivered a mind altering parasite that could spell disaster for the 2nd Mass – prepare yourselves for Evil Hal.

And, because that wasn’t enough of a cliffhanger for Falling Skies, they went ahead and dropped an entirely new creature into the scene at the last minute. It might just be me trying to find an ally in a universe where humanity has been fighting all alone, but that new alien actually looked like it kind of had a friendly face. Sort of. I’m hoping these new guys will be humanity’s friends instead of foes, but I suspect I will have to wait until next season to find out.