Necessary Roughness “Might As Well Face It” Review

Necessary Roughness "Spell It Out" Season 2 Episode 7
Anyone who thought that TK would come through his near-death experience without a foray into drugs, prescription or otherwise, is either blissfully optimistic or crippingly naive. In this week’s episode of Necessary Roughness, “Might As Well Face It,” Dani finally caught on to the obvious problem, but her efforts to help TK were thwarted by Matt, who really should have known better and done better by his star athlete.

I get that there are rules about drug tests, but I really don’t think Dani was making a massive leap when she told Matt that TK was using. As she pointed out, it’s kind of her job to know that sort of thing. So I have to conclude that Matt’s insistence on sticking to the union code for drug tests had more to do with the possibility of losing his team’s star to rehab right before the season started and less to do with actually caring whether or not a random drug test of his company’s employees violated their civil rights. Because in my book, using the rules to shield someone with a drug problem is just as bad as writing them a bad prescription.

Fortunately, Dani had the balls to go to Nico to find out the truth. Matt was ready to let it drop when TK passed the drug test, as if someone with money and power couldn’t figure out a way to get around that. I found myself really annoyed with Matt in this episode, and I’m not sure if it’s because of his actions with TK or the fact that he’s still sleeping with Dani. End it, stay together…whatever. Just don’t drag it out like she’s going to change her mind and suddenly decide to let you knock her up. You’re not that cute, Matt.

In between dealing with TK and everyone (but Nico) who tried enable TK instead of helping him, Dani had to help a professional gamer with body dysmorphic disorder. Instead of plastic surgery or bulimia, he turned to avatars and profile pics. A new twist on a popular TV mental condition.

There was also some stuff about Dani’s pregnant best friend feeling depressed because her size two jeans didn’t fit anymore and the delivery man wouldn’t tell her that she was pretty. Why did this character return to the show? Was it purely to irritate me? If so, mission accomplished!

And in the biggest surprise of the night, Razor quit the Hawks literally seconds after being asked to officially join the roster. His reasoning was good and mature (he wanted more out of life than women, drugs and money), but if he really didn’t know that those things would come with a professional football career, then he was not as smart as Matt gave him credit for being. And while I get that he didn’t want to rat out his friend, Razor should have told Matt that he saw TK using. Friends don’t let friends do drugs, remember?

Only two episodes left in the season and it looks like Dani and Nico are getting closer and closer. Could the pairing I wanted from the beginning actually happen?! I guess we’ll have to stay tuned…

What did you think of the episode? Let me know below!

  • Totally agree with you, especially with your last two sentences. It’s about time for DaNico to happen. Great review!

    • Kristen Elizabeth

      Thank you!  Have always liked Nico;)

  • Kellye30

    Characters react to things however the writers want them to in order for the plot or storyline to unfold, continue, etc. Not necessarily anything to do with reality. Though, having been through the US court system over custody of a child the “wait rill something blatantly obvious happens to prove drug addiction” and “wait for something new” to happen to the child, cops refuse to field test, cops eyeball drug test and if the guy “looks” ok then he “must not” be under the influence, etc.
    Can’t just drug test a school bus driver either if he is driving not carefully, acting odd, Nope there is a union so… more important to not cause trouble with a union than to make sure the kids are safe.
    Parents responding to info that their kid is using drugs: my kid would never use drugs and they drop it and hide their heads un the sand. Not oh God, could it possibly be true and actually find out yes or no and help the kid if necessary.
    Dani ans Matt are great together, maybe they should just take more time to see how deep their love is before throwing the baby out with the bathwater. I don’t know how old Dani is to know if a new baby is unreasonable.
    Nico, hmm he has a lot of things going on, not an open guy, not one I see as a dad at this point.

    • Kristen Elizabeth

      I don’t know…I think Dani made it pretty clear that the baby-making factory is closed, but characters do change their minds all the time.  We’ll have to wait a see.  As for Nico, no, not dad material, but Dani’s not looking for a baby-daddy, is she?;) 

      Thanks for reading and commenting!!