Covert Affairs: Did Annie’s Phone Call Put Her Back in Control or Out of It?

Covert Affairs Speed of Life Season 3 Episode

Annie Walker has not been having the easiest time in the third season of Covert Affairs. First off she witnesses a good friend die in a horrific explosion, then she gets offered a job that comes with a lot more stress, especially when it puts her into contact with an asset that she may be starting to have feelings for.

In this week’s episode, she gets hit with what could be considered the final straw that broke the proverbial camel’s back. Working with Eyal seems like all fun and games until she finds out that he’s also there to evaluate her behavior and report back to the CIA. Talk about a blow to your ego.

I think that anyone in Annie’s shoes would have every reason to be a bit out of control after everything that’s happened to her recently. But when she made that phone call to Simon, I had to wonder if Annie was truly out of control or if that final straw had actually put her back in control. The way I see it, there are two ways to take that phone call: either Annie has gone farther off the deep end than we originally expected and is about to defy orders and meet up with a man she’s developed feelings for; or she has decided that enough is enough and has taken matters into her own hands to prove than she can finish an assignment once she is put on it.

I’m on the fence, because I can really see it possibly going either way. Annie has had a lot of stress this season, especially when you add in the fact that she has unrequited feelings for Auggie (who, as far as Annie knows, is still engaged and in love with another woman). Add in that with everything else and maybe she would be desperate enough to turn to a man who has shown he likes her and brings excitement to her life whenever he’s around.

But then again, underneath it all I think that Annie is always first and foremost a good agent. So I can also see how her calling Simon could mean that she’s ready to push her feelings down and bring him in like she was supposed to in the first place. Maybe she’s planning on using his obvious feelings for her to get his defenses down and keep him from getting away from her like he did last time. If she does that, she can prove to the agency that she deserves to keep her job and stop all this evaluating nonsense.

What about you folks? What do you think of Annie’s phone call in that last episode of Covert Affairs? Has she gone farther off the deep end like the agency thinks or has she regained back control of her life and career? Sound off in the comments below. I love hearing from you guys!