Burn Notice “Official Business” Review – One Step Closer

Burn Notice "Official Business" Season 6 Episode 9

In this episode of Burn Notice, called “Official Business,” Michael gets one step closer to finding the person who killed his brother and Fi gets to play CIA agent.

Turns out when the CIA got Fi out of prison, there was some fine print in her contract that says she belongs to them. When they come to collect, it’s of course at the worst time as Michael is all set to follow the lead they got on the gun that could lead to Nate’s killer. Understandably not willing to leave Fi’s safety up to “Mutt and Jeff,” (as I began to think of the CIA agents assigned to Fi’s case) Michael decides to go on the case as well, leaving the lead to Sam and Jesse. Things get pretty hairy when it turns out that the innocent girlfriend of the man they thought was selling ballistics tech is actually the one doing the selling, but Fi and Michael pull it off like they always do. Gotta say that a part of me was sad when they told the CIA to lose her contract though. I could get used to Spy Fi.

Meanwhile, Jesse and Sam use their own skills to track down the lead and narrow down the search to one person. Trouble is, they only have initials: TG. Leave it to Michael to jump in and take it to the next level. Not only does he get a name, Tyler Gray, he also gets close enough to the man to get their whistleblower shot. The only question I have now is: Did Tyler shoot (because come on, who else could it have been?) because he discovered Michael sniffing around or was he already after Michael in the first place? I’ve been thinking all along that Nate’s death was a complete accident and the one who did it was just one of Anson’s many enemies. But what if Nate was killed to get to Michael?

Hopefully we’ll find out a lot more in next week’s summer finale, but I’m just as certain that for every question we get answered, more will be asked. The season’s not even over yet and I’m already missing this show.

My favorite bits..

“I hate this so much already.”

That suit on Michael. Just sayin.’

Come on, Sam. Running into a guy with a nametag that says “Hi my name is: The Guy Who Killed Nate” might be possible.

“It’s not Paris, but there will be lots of guns.” – Oh Michael, you know the way straight to a girl’s heart.

“Yeah, until she’s no longer mission critical. Then you’ll run like scared little girls!”

Michael saying that dealing with a nervous asset was kind of like babysitting with a gun to your head. Yeah, that sounds fun.

“She’s clean. I checked every inch of her.” – Um, am I the only one who found that a tad creepy?

“Okay, I’m gonna ‘action time’ it now.” – Gotta love a snarky Michael.

“If you worked freelance, you could afford better suits.” – LOL! And a snarky Fi is fun, too.

Finding it amazing that Fi ends up in more trouble when she works with the CIA than she does when she’s working with Michael and his little ragtag team.

Nicely done, Fi! Put the idea of a threesome in a guy’s head and he forgives all. LOL.

Sam and Jesse making it in to finally see those personnel files.

“Yeah great, now we’re two whole letters closer to finding the man who killed Nate.”

Whoa. Whoa. Whoa! I so did not see *that* coming.

“As usual, the best man for the job…is a woman.” Okay I don’t like this biatch, but she does kinda have a point there.

OMG, Sam is so right. Those two agents really are whiny little girls.

“It’s your call, Vincent. You die in prison or she does.”

“We could’ve done with fewer explosions but, bravo.” – Um, have you two morons MET Michael and Fi?

Michael and Fi getting the morons to agree to burn up Fi’s little “contract.”

Nice! Michael just got the name of the man who killed Nate. Tyler Gray, look out.

Whoa! This Tyler Gray guy does not mess around does he?

What did you think of this episode of Burn Notice? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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  • Anonymous

    I too noticed and liked Michael’s suit/tie combination and thought it looked great! And it contrasted nicely with the gold watch. I was wondering what became of the flash drive dropped in the bushes (is it relevant to the story?).  Other thing – I kinda wish they would bring back agent Pearce. I liked her character.

    I like Burn Notice now, but I liked it more in the early years when there was not that many CIA hooks, and it had a wild west feel to it, and it was more about protecting the weak from the bad. It seems very procedural now as they try to find the next big bad guy who is in charge. Perhaps my sentiments will change with the arrival of Tyler Gray. But alas, we are looking at what looks to be the final seventh season.

    • ptjackson

       Isn’t the actress who plays Pearce pregnant?

      And are you saying one more season is all we will get?

      • Anonymous

        Yes that actress is pregnant, but I haven’t heard anything about next season being the finale one. Then again, I didn’t exactly go searching for that info either. That would suck if it were true. 

  • steph

    My only complaint with this episode is that it’s just impossible to believe that those two idiots are CIA agents, which makes the whole story seem kinda ridiculous… But hey, like you said, all that ‘snarkiness’ of the others was worth it 😉

    Where do you get the idea that Michael was the target? I too think that Nate’s death wasn’t intentional, he was just standing in the way when Anson was killed – and this episode didn’t change that. After all the sniper got the security guy in the middle of the chest, two times, and didn’t even try to shoot anyone else, so I’m pretty sure the guy was the target (he was the only one who could identify the sniper, so it would make sense)… Or did I miss something? 🙂

    • ptjackson

       Seriously, one has to wonder how Mutt and Jeff have survived this long, right?

    • Anonymous

      I can’t say that anything *gave* me the idea that Nate was the target, other than a gut instinct. Like Gibbs says on NCIS “I don’t believe in coincidences”….when it comes to TV. I just thought that it was more likely that someone was out there trying to get to Michael, but I could see it still being a complete accident, too. I’m just throwing other possibilities out there. 

      • steph

        Yeah, with this show you never know 🙂 Of course it’s possible that Nate was the target, but at the moment I don’t see anything that would suggest that… My guess is that they just needed a new enemy for Michael to hunt down, now that Anson (and the rest of his organisation) is gone. Well, now that I think about it, that “new” enemy could have targeted Michael all along… Great, thanks for putting a new conspiracy theory in my head, I was so happy that the Anson story was finally over 😉

        • Anonymous

          LOL, sorry about that. If it helps, I don’t think that this new enemy has anything to do with Anson. Just some other enemy Michael didn’t know he had. So that would make the Anson story actually over.  ;o)

          • steph

            Yeah, at least that’s something 😀 I just hope the new enemy is just the one, not another organisation, I’ve had enough of that…

  • ptjackson

     ” “She’s clean. I checked every inch of her.” – Um, am I the only one who found that a tad creepy?” – Seriously, did you see the look on Michael’s face when the creep was feeling Fi up?

    And, yep, Michael is one fine looking man when dressed up…. or down….

    Love your comment about explosions – I mean, heck yes!