Anger Management “Charlie’s Dad Visits” Review

As promised many weeks ago, we finally got the arrival of the President of the United States Charlie’s real-life father Martin Sheen to the proceedings. Much like the use of Denise Richards earlier in the year, the visit with his dad went pretty much as expected. There were some easy jokes made and fun winks for the audience, but most of the scenes with Martin Sheen left me cold. The writers were gunning for the easy jokes and making sure they crossed them all of the list.

That being said, there is a certain amount of gravitas that Martin Sheen will add to this show if it gets its 90 episode order (President Bartlet Martin Sheen has said he will be a series regular on the show going forward). We are all better off for it. Martin Sheen is one of the best TV actors of all-time. This week showed he still has plenty of chops. He’s not most classic funny guy, but his diction and tight delivery of his lines make him feel funnier than he has any need to be. The fact that he was funny in this episode is icing on the cake. His performance when discussing his life’s unfortunate downturn was why he’s a great fit for this show. No one in the cast as previously constructed could dive to anything resembling emotional depth. Martin Sheen will be able to provide to the show. I know it’s a half-hour sitcom, but half-hour sitcoms still need to have the occasional touching moment. It will be interesting to watch.

Aside from the Sheens, we got another showcase episode for a member of the group. After Nolan got some run last week, this week it was Lacy’s turn. Once again, I found myself pleasantly surprised by what happened. I’m starting to think I enjoy the characters more individually then within the collective. I’m not being hit with side-splitting laughter, but I recall being amused on a few occasions.

There’s only one episode left in this season. What did you think of this episode?

  • Taelyn

    I love Charlie, Martin.. and this show.. frankly I think it takes hard hits as it always compares tp 2 1/2 M.. Like any show it needs to get settled. but Charlie is funny, charming, and quick.  This is a dff type of role trying to play an up and up kinda guy.. I have real faith that soon they will hit their stride.. Charlie is always good..but its not just him and a brother, he has a CAST thats always harder.. BUTI Iove it, and am a faithful viewer and fan.

  • Lulu

    wow again some ‘snoby snotty’ tone in the reviews, get over yourself seriously ‘Adam Newland’..eyeroll..This show is fun and often funny, Charlie Sheen is talented and can provide emitional depth if the writing for it allows him, that being said i enjoy Martin Sheen too and looking forward to watch other episodes…critics are so biased and pathetic and so talenless and cleverless it is not even funny just sad.

    • Anonymous

      This snobby, pathetic, talentless, cleverless, biased, snotty critic appreciates you reading and commenting.

      • Lulu

        your welcome but don’t think i will read your other review Adam Newland, don’t push your luck..ha.