Storage Wars “There’s Something About Barry” Review

Storage Wars Season 3

Storage Wars returned tonight with it’s first single episode showing of the third season: “There’s Something About Barry”. With all of the buyers making their way to Self Storage in Lakewood, we see a bit of a strange opening. After seeing Jarrod/Brandi and Darrell/Brandon boast about how they plan on buying one of the six available units, we hear something quite different from Barry: He plans to NOT buy a locker. That’s right, Barry thinks of himself as a “Storage locker addict”, and is going to try to kick the addiction. Yeah…we’ll see how long that lasts.

The goofy thing about Barry’s little “confession” is that he actually makes a lot of money. After doing a little research, I found out that Barry’s actually had a net profit of $72,565.07 over the three seasons he’s been doing this, not including the money he makes from A&E from just showing up. And yes, I know the whole thing was just a dumb little hook for this week’s episode, but I still stand by the opinion that it was asinine and lame.

Anyway, on to the auctions! Darrell won the first locker full of fragile boxes for $3,500, and ended up finding quite a bit of sellable items! He made $4,050 without even leaving the storage locker, but he ended up selling some Fiesta dishes for $5,005. It’s always interesting to get a little history lesson on the weird crap these guys find in these lockers, and the Fiesta dishes were a great example of that.

Barry couldn’t break his habit and he ended up buying a locker chock-full of crap for $310. I have no idea what he saw in this locker to justify spending any money on it, but man, that had to be the worst locker in Storage Wars history! If you’re going to make a big deal about how you’re not buying any lockers, don’t go against your promise just to buy the worst one of all time!

Jarrod and Brandi ended up leaving the first auction with nothing, but went to a second auction in Fullerton and beat Dave to a locker full of household items. They ended up making $3,525 and paid only $1,700, but I was genuinely shocked that those newspapers weren’t worth more! Remember in the season two episode where a stack full of newspapers about Elvis’ death were worth tens of thousands of dollars? Who knew that newspapers form the 1800s would only be worth a few bucks! Crazy.

Random Thoughts:

– Does it bother anybody else that Darrell says every amount is a “Dollar bill”? As in, “That’s a 200 dollar bill right there!” There’s no such things as a 200 dollar bill!

– I’m trying to determine which of the buyers is the worst tweeter. Right now it’s a tie between Brandi and Darrell, but Darrell pulls ahead this week for tweeting out his stupid “Dollar bill” thing.

– So do you guys think Barry is actually going to get a partner! I like you as the lone wolf, Barry!