Rizzoli & Isles Summer Finale “Melt My Heart to Stone” Review

I’m pretty sure there was a crime involving a bleeding statute in the opening minutes of the summer finale of Rizzoli & Isles, however I was too distracted by my tremendous disappointment in Frankie not getting promoted to detective. How sad was it when Frost had to take back the action figure?

Who the hell is Riley? Oh yeah, she’s Jane’s neighbor from a few episodes ago who dated Frost and Frankie simultaneously. The team begrudgingly welcomed her but the entire scene was nothing short of awkward. Frankie was not the only member of Jane’s family reeling in disappointment. Maura revealed that Angela was drowning her sorrows in . . . knitting. Gasp! By the way, I loved Angela’s take on Riley’s actions to fulfill her dream of joining homicide. Watch out Riley, those knitting needles can be dangerous.

Dennis (Eddie Cibrian) returned to town to promote his new book. Like Riley, he was persona non grata as we learned he didn’t bother to call Maura after their wild date. How dare he?!?! Surprisingly, Maura actually went to his book signing and even managed to drag Jane along. I’m with Jane – proceed cautiously with men that look like they spend more time on personal grooming than you. It turned out that Dennis was intimidated by how connected he felt with Maura. As someone whose parents had a strong marriage, the idea that Maura could be someone with whom he could have a similar relationship scared him. Or so we thought . . .

It turned out that Angela wasn’t just knitting to vent, she was preparing a blanket for Lydia’s baby. She recognized that the baby was the innocent party in the crazy father/son triangle. Thanks to a false alarm, Tommy finally learned that he was either about to be a brother or a father.

Tommy wasn’t the only one in for a surprise. Dennis invited Maura to help him celebrate his birthday as he relived the highest and lowest points of his year. Always the multi-tasker, Maura made dinner plans with Dennis and realized that the serial killer had a twisted resentment of mothers.

While celebrating with Dennis, his mother called to remind him of how how old he was – 36. He observed that he couldn’t have asked for a better mother. As Maura and Dennis were talking, I finally made the connection between Dennis’ sculpting hobby and the serial killer putting his victims in sculptures. Ugh. Wasn’t Jane’s creepy encounter enough? Jane learned that the drug in the latest victim’s system was the same drug that caused Dennis’ mistaken death experience. She smashed open the hand he sculpted for Maura and out popped a real hand. Damn you Dennis.

Abused by his mother, Dennis took the hands of his victims so that he could no longer be hurt and left them in places he always wanted to go with his mother. Thankfully, Maura was safe and Dennis is dead. As Angela and Jane comforted Maura, the doorbell rang. It wasn’t Angela’s soft yarn from Amazon, it was Lydia’s abandoned baby. How cute was he? Talk about cliff hangers!

What did you think of the summer finale of Rizzoli & Isles? Sound off below. Is it November yet?

  • Anonymous

    So Maura could smell the decomp from the statues out in the open, but not in her office from the hand?
    Yeah right…

    • ptjackson

       Good point!

  • ptjackson

    Yep, can’t wait for November either!

    Yeah, I do not like the new detective. I know they need to keep the drama coming, and all, but geesh – don’t like manipulators. Period.

    I have been wondering what the legalities are about the baby. And, if a paternity test can establish who the dad is, since they are father and son.  The baby was adorable, though…… 😎

    My husband called it for Dennis being the murderer early on in the episode – sometimes I am annoyed by him… LOL….. I knew it when he said he was 36…. 😎