Franklin & Bash Season Finale “650 to SLC” Review – Whose Side Are You On?

Franklin & Bash 650 to SLC Season 2 Episode 10

In the season 2 finale of Franklin & Bash, called “650 to SLC,” Jared’s father proves once again that he is nothing at all like his son.

Good old Leonard comes into town with a bomb for Infeld and everyone else at the firm. Seems his firm is planning a buy-out and if gets the few votes he needs, they’ll be shutting down the LA office and putting a lot of people out of work. Papa Franklin of course couldn’t give two craps about that part of it though.

Before they can start working on that little issue, Jared and Peter first have to help an old football buddy of Peter’s with a little issue. An issue which is made even more complicated by the fact that Peter isn’t technically allowed to practice law, thanks to a clerical error. But with their usual finesse, they manage to handle that problem while simultaneously tackling the hostile takeover attempt.

Trouble is, that situation just keeps getting worse and worse. The boys find out that some of the trouble started because Hannah and Karp were keeping a file on them, keeping track of all their bad behavior. She had a change of heart and tossed out the file, but tossing out electronic files runs them through a filter and some key phrases
(including one involving a certain Valentine’s Day present) set off a few alarms. As if that weren’t bad enough, they also find out that Infeld hired them as his own little “poison pill” and had planned on using them and their reputation all along.

What I love about the guys is that they will fight like rabid dogs for what they believe in, but they are just as ready to let bygones be bygones when someone has done them wrong and knows it. Taking Infeld’s news in stride, they march themselves over to Leonard’s side of the fight and act as Trojan horses, if you will. They cause enough trouble that it forces dear old dad to drop his attempt to take over the firm.

And so we end the season with everything back to normal; and perhaps even better than that since now there are (hopefully) no more secrets between the boys and Infeld. Now we just have to wait another year until we get to see Franklin & Bash again. Sigh.

My favorite bits..

“You know what it makes you? An intern. And I need someone to sexually harass and get me coffee on the double.”

“I’m like a ladybug, but tough.”

“Is it true you lost your Bar card?”
“Is it true your mom’s on my speed dial?”

Karp calling Jared “Bart Simpson.”

Jared doing a pretty good imitation of his father. Haha! I totally fell for it for a second there. Who knew that Breckin Meyer could pull off a good Beau Bridges?

The other attorney calling Peter to the stand. Oh man, this is not going to end well.

Finding out that it wasn’t Tommy who cheated with Eli’s wife.

“To be clear, I was stabbing you in the back because I ran out of room in the front.”

“We may have lost Damian. I sensed betrayal in his eyes at the urinal this morning.”

“Can lawyers do that?”
“No, but then I’m not a lawyer.”

Jared shutting off the computer before Emily could say goodbye to “Dr. Doolittle.”

Peter giving Eli a dose of his own “country hardball.”

The boys finding out that they were Infeld’s “poison pill.”

Yeah right, like the boys would ever go with Jared’s dad over Infeld. I’m waiting to see what their devious plan is.

“What’s so dangerous about flying by napping?”

Figuring out what the boys’ plans were as soon as they started causing trouble. Brilliant.

All of the shenanigans the boys caused, including Jared accusing a flight attendant of touching his little Jared, running an auction for a first class seat, riding a food cart down the aisle and forcing Jared’s dad to utter every dad’s famous line “do I have to come back there?!”

Infeld proudly reporting that a passenger jet had been forced to land because of a couple of misbehaving lawyers.

Karp toasting the boys, while reassuring them that he still didn’t like them. Glad some things never change.

Infeld apologizing to the guys.

“Could we have a better boss?”
“The only better boss would be us.”

What did you think of this episode of Franklin & Bash? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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  • ptjackson

    “And ending up on the no-fly list.” “You’ll love seeing this country by train.” ROTFLOL…..

    You know, I was thinking Karp might switch sides, and was happy to see that he was loyal to his uncle!

    Loved the whole plane thing – that was brilliant!!

    • Anonymous

      I was happy about Karp, too. He’s another one of those guys that, even though he’s sometimes pegged as the “enemy” to the heroes of the show, I can’t help but to like him. It probably doesn’t hurt that he’s so freaking hot. LOL.