White Collar “Honor Among Thieves” Review – To Trust or Not To Trust?

White Collar Honor Among Thieves Season 4 Episode 5

In this episode of White Collar, called “Honor Among Thieves,” Neal has to do something that he doesn’t want to do.. or does he?

We start out at Ellen’s funeral and Neal is grieving for his friend and also looking for answers. Honestly, I have a feeling she’s not dead, but that doesn’t make the mystery of who tried to kill her any less important to Neal. He asks Peter to look into it with the Marshals, but while they wait a case gets dropped into their lap that seems to solve a lot of problems. Just goes to show that looks can be deceiving.

The first problem the case seemed to solve was getting Neal’s mind off of Ellen’s case and waiting for a report from the Marshals. An unknown thief planning to steal a piece of art from a museum is right up Neal’s alley and heck, it turns out said thief is also a gorgeous redhead. Too bad for Neal he’s not her type, but she is Diana’s and we find out through the course of the case that things aren’t going well with Diana and her girlfriend. It was interesting to see another agent on the team being affected by getting close to a target, though I feel bad that things are falling apart in Diana’s relationship.

But while Diana has her issues with the pretty thief, I’d say Neal’s issues with Abigail were even tougher to handle. Or were they? When she offers to get the information he wants about Ellen out of the Marshals office in exchange for a stolen piece of art I thought “Oh boy, here we go again.” Neal deceiving Peter after all that he did for him to get him home? No way! So when he said no, I was very happy. But then Abigail goes and blackmails him and he steals the piece anyway, despite me yelling at him to tell Peter what she was trying to do to him (strange that the characters on TV just don’t seem to listen to my advice). In the end, Neal does the heist but refuses to take the file. To my relief he immediately calls Peter and, whew, crisis averted.

Then, in the final minute of the episode Peter completely blows my tiny little mind by suggesting that Neal used Abigail’s blackmail to orchestrate the heist as a means to manipulate Peter into giving him the file on Ellen. It’s sad that I think Neal is totally capable of this as I hope that we’d gotten beyond Neal manipulating Peter and instead would just TRUST him. And now, because of his doubts about the heist, Peter’s back to not completely trusting Neal. It sucks whether Peter is right or whether he’s wrong. If he’s right, then Neal did manipulate him and if he’s wrong, then he’s still not trusting Neal. And around and around we go.

My favorite bits..

Peter promising that they would find out who killed Ellen.

“That’s one way to do it.” – Yep, Peter took the words right out of my mouth.

“She wasn’t Irish.”
“She was a cop. Close enough.”

Neal and Diana have a “docent-off.”

Peter spotting Abigail timing the guards.

“You think she needs my help?”
“No I just don’t like you walking around here without a chaperone.”

The look on Neal’s face when Diana described the painting for Abigail.

“Who would stop in the middle of a museum robbery to get a date… don’t say it.” – Ha!

Mozzie declaring Abigail clean when she threatened to break his fingers if he frisked her. Good choice, Moz.

Uh oh.. I’m with Neal. Diana’s story about how things are going with her girlfriend sounds pretty real to me.

Oh man, Abigail is one sneaky little..

Abigail making her move all right; just not the one that Peter was predicting.

“Peter made it so I could come back to New York and in return I stabbed him in the back.”

Diana and Peter’s reactions when they realized what Neal had done. Ugh, this is so, so bad.

Neal turning down the file from Abigail. Call me crazy but that made me want to cheer.

“You wouldn’t have believed me.”
“You should’ve given me the chance.” – I’m with Peter. Neal should have gone to him first.

“Lying to me is never protecting me.”

“Like I said the price was too high and I meant it. Your trust is too important to me.”

Peter pulling the file out of his desk. Yes! I knew it!

Peter pulling the second copy of the file out of his pocket. Hmm..

Everyone knowing the look of Peter’s “bad news face.”

Peter theorizing that maybe the whole thing had been one, big con. Wait. What???

What did you think of this episode of White Collar? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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