When Breaking Bad Meets the NFL

It appears that no one can get enough Breaking Bad. Once a critical darling, the show’s popularity has exploded into the fifth season. Especially given the dearth of quality television at the moment, Breaking Bad has become a lightning rod for discussion. The show has spawned 16-bit video games, battled Dish network, and turned Bryan Cranston into a one-man promotional tour (Seriously, Bryan, get at me!).

Just when you think we’ve reached our saturation point, Bleacher Report created a slideshow comparing Breaking Bad cast members to NFL players. The slideshow definitely takes some interesting leaps, but it’s a fun read regardless of your NFL allegiance (or lack thereof).

One complaint about the article: Where is my man Huell? Surely he’s the easiest comparison since he looks like an NFL lineman. (Don’t worry Huell, I see you.)

What do you think about the Breaking Bad/NFL doppelgangers? What other sports stars could you relate Walt and Jessie to? Let us know in the comments.

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