The LA Complex “Taking The Day” Review – Some Of Us Have Reached Rock Bottom…

The L.A. Complex Taking The Day Season 2 Episode 5

I think it’s pretty much safe to say that Raquel (Jewel Staite) has crashed and burned on The LA Complex. She got to spend the night in jail after being charged with drinking and driving while Connor (Jonathan Patrick Moore) had a wonderful night with his now actual girlfriend Jennifer (Krista Allen).

Let’s talk about Jennifer for a second. She pretty much rocks, am I right? Not only does she tell Raquel off for being nasty to Connor when he picks her up and bails her out of jail, but she doesn’t bat an eyelash when she finds out that he broke the confidentiality agreement that he signed about “dating” her in the first place.

Nope, instead, Jennifer just goes about her day. The other reason this woman is a saint? She finds Connor pouring boiling water on his arm (because Raquel is a child and lashing out at him) and instead of freaking out she comforts him and bandages up his arm. Seriously, who is this woman? Not only is she GORGEOUS (Seriously, have you really looked closely at Krista Allen?) but she has a heart of freaking gold and obviously cares for Connor quite a bit. So, kudos to Allen for making Jennifer a really enjoyable character. When she was first introduced I was a bit skeptical, but I’m really enjoying her now.

After her stint in the slammer, Raquel is fired from Octabear 2 and is being sued $120,000 for insurance fees. Hollywood is harsh. After contemplating long and hard over a glass of vodka, and after several nasty text messages to Connor (seriously, Raquel. I love you, but you are more of a child than Connor at this point) she agrees to appear in the next season of “Celebrity Halfway House”.

Meanwhile Abby is still my least favorite person on The LA Complex by a landslide. She is not enjoyable, she has no redeeming qualities, and she’s sleeping with a guy and his girlfriend because she feels a “connection” with him. That logic is not earth logic.

Also, is there anyone on this show that Abby hasn’t slept with?! Please, someone try to defend her because I’ve tried to think of one good thing about her and I’ve got nothing.

Meanwhile, King has risen in my opinion. He invited his father back to his house and after dad said he was going to leave because the atmosphere around the place wasn’t good for his recovery, King stepped up and kicked out everyone so his dad would feel more at home.

This isn’t good enough for Rook who tells King that he has to choose between him and his dad. It’s not the most stress free family dinner as Rook brings up horrible things that King’s dad has done in the past, but it really does make you feel for the kid and forgive a few of his flaws. Especially when his dad introduces him to a “nice girl” so he can get his life back on track. Whoops.

Our favorite writing duo is still at odds and Nick actually seems to be getting on Scott’s good side after the bordello and being just incredibly wasted when they arrive in the writer’s room. Sabrina is less than thrilled at this new found bromance, and things only get worse for her as Scott and Nick head out for another night on the town.

But, since Nick is such a stand up guy that spills his secrets to prostitutes, he finds his way back to the writer’s room where Sabrina is still sitting staring at a blank monitor. He comes to her rescue and ultimately the two of them reconnect, which is good since they’re a pretty enjoyable couple. And lord knows that The LA Complex could use more of that.

Beth is suddenly sleeping with married men and, as far as I know, she doesn’t even know the guys name. She does this while Simon is at the weirdest audition ever where the kids are just set free in a room full of science projects for six hours and observed by the casting directors.

I’m sincerely greatful that in all of my acting auditions I never had to experience anything like that.

Simon does end up landing a part, and other than that not much else happens with the orphans of The LA Complex. I do have to say that I have a huge issue with Beth spilling her life story to her new bed partner over lunch. This is a girl that is so private she won’t even tell people that Simon is her brother, but suddenly she’s an open book telling her business about her family to random married guy? I don’t buy it.

Aside from that one issue (which honestly could be because I don’t really enjoy Beth that much – which seems to be the theme for this review… I may title it “What characters on The LA Complex does Kelly like?!”) The LA Complex delivers delicious drama, angst galore, and thanks to Nick and Sabrina, even some humor thrown in for good measure.

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  • Beth lied about her age.. what else did she lie about? But yeah… she probably doesn’t bring up that he is her brother because then people will ask for a parent. Also I suggest you visit some pubs during the day time. Sooner or later someone some where will tell you very very dark secrets about their life because you are a stranger.

    RE: Abby.. not sure how her sleeping with 3 guys over a period of time makes her the worst person. Connor’s slept with more people than Abby, why no hate directed at him? Are you one of those people that like to shame women?

    • Kat

      It’d be 4 people for Abby, right? Connor, Nick, Brandon, and Laura. Connor while she had a boyfriend.

    • I by no means shame women! I’m pretty much the opposite of that, actually. Connor has slept with Abby, Raquel, and Jennifer if I’m remembering correctly, right? Not that it makes it any better – I don’t think Connor is that great a person, either…lol

      But Abby had a boyfriend when she was with Connor and just seems to use people for her own personal gain. Nick (who I don’t believe for a second she was in love with) because she needed a place to stay, Connor because she was caught up in the moment and he showed her the luxe, and now Brandon and what’s her name because she feels a connection with Brandon. 

  • Fabe

    It’s Cactabear 2. 

    • Yep, you’re totally right. Sorry about that!

  • Kat

    The redeeming qualities for Abby, for me, are simply that she’s pretty and has a cute voice. lol. She makes me a bit nuts with the sleeping around but mostly because she’s like in love with them after, and for, like six seconds. I think the issue is that I just can’t relate to her like I can most of the other characters.

  • Cosas

    So many things went through my head during this episode that after watching I had to write things down so I’ll go bit by bit 
    As much as I like Raquel, she seriously disappointed me. I know you can’t judged someone by just two meetings, but you can can on how they treat someone else after doing such a big favor. Jen was so right. Raquel ( at this point) is toxic, especially to her herself and to who she is with. The sad part is she really is quite talented, but she has too much pride and can’t be humble, and admit her faults and just say she was wrong. I think the only time she owned up to her sh*t is when she was with that rich dentist guy ( what was his name?!?). As for Jen, I am so glad someone caught Conner and that is was someone is is more mature and stable. I don’t know if this will end in romance, but I hope at least Conner can,make a friend who he can depend on and start to build himself up again. His problem? He needs to believe in himself (oh that sounded so corny!!). 
    Nick is just way too nice. Abby is an idiot. And both their decisions can possibly blow up in their faces. For Nick I hope not ( although Sabrina does annoy me). For Abby , I almost could not care less.
    King is getting pints and seeing how Rook reacted, it’s obvious he cares about his friend, he just does not understand him.  I am happy Kal is staring t block out the noise, but I will never forgive for Tariq, who I do pray comes back, not for King, but for his career.
    When it comes to Beth and Simon , I wonder who is watching over whom. Simon seems so mature and understanding and patient, while she needs to control her temper and learn when to shut up. Now , I’m not saying I hate her, I just can’t stand women or men who lay with people who they obviously know are married ( especially when yo u walk in all giddy, like other won’t notice. Who is the adult here?!)
    So I think I covered everything. My rant is done. Can it be Tuesday again, please?

  • ayoub

    i’m realy want from someone to give me that conversation whene conor was under text in episode 10, S2