Teen Wolf Season 2 Finale “Master Plan” Review

Gerard – you better be dead. How dare you harm Stiles?!?! Stiles – it may be time to hit the gym or take some self-defense classes, buddy. A dying, 90-year-old man should not be able to make such easy work of you!

Season 2 of Teen Wolf has come to an end and my Monday nights will not be the same – until season 3 premieres in 2013. The finale picked up with the post-lacrosse game mayhem. Stiles went from lacrosse game hero to the Argent family basement with Boyd and Erica. I don’t know what I love more – Issac/Scott pairing up to save everyone or the relationship between the Stilinskis. Why choose? I love both aspects of the show and I’m glad that all four survived the finale, so that we may have more to look forward to next season.

Just when I thought the *awwwww* factor was through the roof, Coach Finrock entered the episode with a moment of sincere concern about Scott. Oh coach, we know that anyone who delivered such an impassioned impression of the speech from Independence Day truly cares about his students/players. I hope that after all the drama died down, Scott signed up for summer school and a tutor. He should also spend more quality time with Lydia and Stiles, who I’m sure could give him helpful pointers to ensure that he is not literally the child left behind.

Did anyone else breathe a sigh of relief when Derek actually opted to ask Scott what was going on with him and Gerard, so that for once someone else would be aware of what was happening?

Speaking of being in the dark . . .

Allison continued on her bitchy, psycho course as she served as a dutiful granddaughter to Gerard and torturer of wolves. During the episode, #killallison actually trended on Twitter. I don’t need to see Allison dead but after she had the audacity to blame Derek for what happened to Kate, I was O…V…E…R her! Allison – your aunt burned an entire family alive because some – not all – of them were werewolves. Get a clue.

So if you didn’t already love Stiles (how could you not?), you definitely had to love him after seeing the lengths to which he went to pick the right birthday gift for Lydia. Let’s ignore the Macy’s product placement, which seems to have officially more appearances this season than Matt. And how about that stern lecture to Lydia about how everyone would suffer if she got hurt? Oh Stiles, you may not have Lydia’s love but you’ve got a kick ass dad who loves you. Things could be much worse. You could be Chris Argent and have Gerard as a dad. Ugh. And for the record, Stiles you are a hero.

Speaking of those crazy Argents. . .

Chris, with those eyes and that awesomely rugged facial hair, I knew you wouldn’t let me down. Chris finally formed the motley crew I’d been waiting for as soon as we learned how scary and powerful the kanima was. And with that, Gerard’s master plan was finally revealed. Grandpa Argent, dying of cancer, wanted immortality or at least the ability to heal himself from his ailment. This entire drown Matt, master the kanima, threaten Scott’s mom, manipulate Allison scheme was designed to get Gerard the bite from Derek. Because of my love for Teen Wolf, I’m going to overlook why the scheme was so ridiculous as there had to have been much easier ways to get Derek to bite him. Look how easy Victoria made it look.

Oh and all that talk about Victoria needing to kill herself because she got the bite? Pure tomfoolery, shenanigans, poppycock and hypocrisy from Gerard.

As a lover of Japanese anime, I love when a show realizes that a moment in an episode is so epic it warrants going back to the theme music. How amazing was that scene? We got ass-kicking and ass-kicking revelations! Gerard finally revealed his evil intentions to his family, which included allowing the kanima to threaten Allison’s life. Oh Gerard, you are THE worst! Thankfully, Gerard was not the only one making plans. In a true sign of the apocalypse, we learned that Scott too had a plan all along. Yes people read it again, slowly.

Scott had a plan.

Scott had a plan y’all!

Well, it was probably with the assistance of Dr. Deaton but Scott pulled it off and I was so proud for our obtuse, well-intentioned, caring Teen Wolf. A little mountain ash in Gerard’s pills left him spewing black sludge. There is some question as to whether Gerard is dead. I’m going to assume Dr. Deaton and his sidekick killed him. And if we’ve learned nothing from Peter, I hope that they properly disposed of his body. For the love of all that is good in the world, do NOT bury it under the Hale house or any house. Put Gerard in a wood chipper, collect the remains, burn them, collect the ashes, burn them again. Rinse and repeat.

With Gerard’s plans thwarted, the only issue (for the moment) was what to do with kanima Jackson. I know a lot of fans were less than thrilled that true love from Lydia and a key, not only saved Jackson – it finally allowed him to manifest in his full werewolf form. I don’t think that it’s necessarily romantic love that saved Jackson – I think it is that anyone could love him. I think it actually fits with what we learned about Jackson (during his few lucid moments) this season. Full disclosure, I teared up when I thought Peter and Derek killed him. No matter how you feel about him, douche bag that he may be at times, it would have been a bummer for him to die after having his issues resolved.

And on the topic of resolving issues . . .

Scott forgave Allison way too soon. I was actually disappointed to see those two holding hands. Allison has been irrationally harsh to everyone. I’m glad the couple is officially over – for now. I’m going to need way more time before I’m ready for more Allison. Chris, you may stay.

Just when I thought I’d resolved my issues with Jackson, my heart sank as Stiles teared up at the site of Lydia and Jackson.

Season 3 set-up. Show creator Jeff Davis suggested that the third season could be called Teen Wolves. With Jackson joining the fray and the arrival of the menacing alpha pack, it doesn’t look like things will quiet down in Beacon Hills anytime soon. I loved Isaac a little more when I saw that he was still by Derek’s side. Thank goodness we’ve got Dr. Deaton and his bad ass non-vet clothes around to hopefully keep a little order or get a bit more serious about his promise to look after Derek.

I loved the closing scene with just Scott and Stiles. It was a reminder that they are, after all, just teenagers. There was a sweetness to the scene that reminded me of the first episodes of Teen Wolf when they were just two normal kids walking through the woods. Yes, I know they were in search of a dead body but that is so normal compared to everything else happening in Beacon Hills.

Where the penultimate episode was dark and somber, the finale was still dark but had some of the funniest moments of the entire season. Let’s recap:

– Issac complaining that Scott handed him a shoe to pick up Stiles’ scent while Scott got an article of clothing.

– The grin on Peter’s face when he re-introduced himself to Scott.

– Stiles referring to his scent as a pungent stench. Gerard, how could you ever hit someone so sweet and witty?

– Peter talking about how hot Scott’s mom is.

– The look on Issac’s face upon learning Peter’s history.

– The fact that Derek managed to tear his family’s home apart looking for books and somehow missed Peter’s laptop.

– Scott and Isaac – two WEREWOLVES – making Melissa zip up Jackson. Zip! Zip! Zip mom! Zip!

– Derek and Peter’s reaction to seeing the animation of the winged creature Jackson could become in time.

– Scott and Isaac accidentally dropping Jackson’s body on the ground.

– Does anyone notice how Isaac switches in and out of his accent?

– Did you laugh harder at Derek’s over-the-top entrance to the kanima showdown or Peter’s reaction to it? He totally stuck the landing.

– Peter’s reaction to Gerard’s temporary glee when he finally got his much-coveted bite from Derek.

Season 3 wish list . . .

– Love triangle between Melissa, Peter and Sheriff Stilinski with the Sheriff as the victor. Kidding! I wouldn’t, however, mind seeing the Sheriff take Melissa on a date or two.

– Someone finally clueing Sheriff Stilinski in on the supernatural occurrences happening around Beacon Hills.

– A confidence boost for Stiles. I get that unrequited love for Lydia may be the extent of his romantic potential but if he could emerge to be a lacrosse star, without supernatural abilities, that would be a pretty sweet consolation prize.

– I’d like to see someone other than Derek get a hard time. Derek may not have been a perfect Alpha but I think he’s a good guy and it’s been tough watching his fall this season. Has he not suffered enough? Come on!

– Derek and Peter are way better and funnier together. I hope they stick it out through season 3 as family instead of foes.

– A better home for Derek. The Hale house obviously has really bad juju mcgumbo (credit: Shawn Spencer) and that train station didn’t work that well either. I’m not even sure how much of the train station remains after the baby wolves on the full moon. Surely there has to be a better underground pad somewhere for an angsty alpha wolf and his pack.

I can’t believe the season is over! Seasons 1 and 2 marathon anyone? What did you think of the Teen Wolf finale? What is on your season 3 wish list? Sound off below!