Grimm Show Bosses Tease What You Should Expect in Season 2

Grimm - Season 2

Grimm is coming back for a second season, and Nick Burkhardt [David Giuntoli] is in for more mysteries and action, according to co-creators and executive producers David Greenwalt and Jim Kouf. During a recent conference call, TV Equals got the scoop on what will be revealed this season, a new character and more.

Cliffhangers are answered

At the end of the last season, there were a lot of questions left unanswered. Is Juliet dying? “Well you’ve got to stay tuned to find that out,” said Greenwalt. What’s happening with the mysterious coins? “Well, you really have to stay tuned to find that [out]” said Kouf.

However, there are some definite answers they can give right away. “But why is his mom back?” said Greenwalt. “Well that’s all going to be explained in the first episode and she’s been on a long quest and they have lots of issues to work out.And boy does he have a lot of questions he wants answered, you think you want your questions answered, he wants his questions answered and quite a few of them will be answered. We’re not going to continue to tease people. But, in the first episode and in the second episode too, a lot of these questions will be very clearly answered.”

What’s in store for Nick this season

Greenwalt and Kouf aren’t totally sure what the theme for this season is, but it will more than likely deal with Nick developing a grip on his reality as a Grimm. “[T]he first year he kind of came to grips with all of this,” said Greenwalt. “This second season, it is going to be him coming into his own, but he’s going to be challenged on so many levels–not only with all these things he learns from his mother, but with complications from Juliet. And there’s a of bad critters now coming to Portland just for Nick because he is coming known now.”

“[W]e’ll also reveal some more of the deeper history with the Grimms and tie it to some more real events in the past,” said Kouf.

Romance for Munroe

Bree Turner, who will portray Rosalee Calvert this season, will certainly cause the attraction between Rosalee and Munroe [Silas Weir Mitchell] to escalate this season.

“Well, of course there will be an attraction there,” said Greenwalt. “They each have a past.” Kouf added that the “road gets rocky” for them, and Greenwalt said that they both will have challenges that will “have to faced and met.”

How Nick was cast

Greenwalt and Kouf divulged on how the figured out Guintoli was the right actor to portray Nick.

“He kind of had a powerful presence and yet a vulnerability and kind of an astonishment that he could deliver. Because this is a guy who is rediscovering what he is, you know? And facing a lot of mysteries that he never knew existed,” said Kouf. “And you know – these guys win it in the room. In front of the networks and all the people who are involved with making the decision. So you really don’t know until the last moment.”

“He had this every man quality which you can really project on to him as if that was happening to you. In a way it’s one of the tougher parts in the show because everyone else is a little more quirky,” said Greenwalt. “You know, some are partially evil. Everybody seems to have a real specific point of view and Nick is the one, or David’s been totally playing Nick, as the one all this is happening to. And I find it really easy to identify with him. Plus he’s got a very, very, weird sense of humor.”

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