Common Law “Gun!” Season Finale Advance Review – Begin at the Beginning

Common Law (USA) In-Laws Vs. Outlaws Episode 10

In the first season finale of Common Law, called appropriately enough “Gun!”, we finally found out what it was that caused Wes to pull his gun on Travis.

Advance reviews are always a challenge for me. I’m dying right now to talk about everything that happens in this episode scene by scene, but as that would of course spoil everything, I’m going to break this down into three “acts.”

Act One begins in a place you’d expect after the end of last week’s episode. The boys are working with their new therapist and I’m sure you can imagine how well that goes. I’m trying to beat back the spoilers with a stick here, but I am going to mention what was shown in the previews for this episode. And that is the fact that Wes and Travis are so desperate to get back to Dr. Ryan that they offer her quite the deal: if she takes them back, they’ll tell her about the incident that brought them to her in the first place.

Thus begins Act Two, where Wes and Travis go over the entire story with her. It starts with a bit of comedy as each of the guys have their own version of events and they vary from the slightly comical to the absolutely ridiculous. This Act also gives us some very interesting flashbacks where we get to see the captain in a new way. We also see the moment that the guys met, which was a nice surprise. Though some of the flashbacks provide some humorous moments, it’s really in this act that the story starts to amp up. In order to know why Wes pulled his gun on Travis, you have to know all the incidents that led to it and it’s a twisting road full of mysteries.

It’s hard for me to decide exactly where Act Three begins, but I’m going to say that it’s with the moment where we finally find out what happened on that fateful day. It turns out to be one of the most intense scenes I’ve seen on this show, but that is far from the end of the story. Once we know why Wes drew his firearm on his partner, we then have to learn the effects that incident had on both of them. Also, it begins a transition into the final part of the story, which for me was the most emotional. It’s killing me that I can’t say more right now (have no fear that my full review will go into everything) but let’s just say that the guys make a decision after they reveal their secret, and it leads to the penultimate scene of the episode.

Now, I’m a big wimp and I know it so feel free to take this with a grain of salt but I’m not lying when I say that this scene brought me to tears. Not great big sloppy sobbing kind of tears, but I did have to blow my nose a few times. I think it was the music that really got to me. The way they use music in this show has always been great, but nothing compares to what they did in this particular scene. What happens is so much better expressed without dialogue; with only a song to convey the emotion that we’re supposed to feel right then.

In the end, when all is said and done, the episode ends like any good finale should. There is a sense of relief on the one hand, but also a look towards the future that brings excitement for season two. And I really, really hope we get a second season because after watching this episode, I know that I want to see many more adventures with Wes and Travis.

The season one finale of Common Law airs tonight at 10pm on USA Network. Once the episode has aired, be sure to come back here to TV Equals and check out my full, spoilerific review.

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  • do you happen to know the name of the song at the end when they catch sis at the evidence storage? i know sail was recurring, but i don’t know that other one…

  • Dlrn1954

    what was the song and the artist at the end of the season finale when they were in the evidence locker?

  • Jmab722

    The song at the end is Awolnation – All I Need.

  • Natasha

    wow.. that was an excellent episode.  the look on Travis’ face after Crowell admitted to killing Pack-man… Michael Ealy was fantastic in that scene (as well as the carryover into the present therapy session).  I was just in shocked silence throughout that part.

    and kudos to whoever played Pack-man– I instantly liked him and really wished he hadn’t been killed.

    loved the initial embellishments to their stories– ascot, Travis going all Commando– the grenade launcher cracked me up.

    I was happy to find out that the reason Wes pulled his gun on Travis was him actually looking out for his partner.  It filled that last element of their partnership to show how they can make such a good team.

    I also really liked the little shoutout to another excellent episode of this series (with Travis’ foster brother) in the shot of the baby head masks in the evidence room. 

    that last song was definitely a solid choice– totally see why it would cause you to tear up (if it had ever been used on cold case during the final scene where you see the ghostly image of the past victim I would have been close to sobbing).  I only wished it allowed a couple more beats for Travis’ internal conflict when he had his gun on Crowell.

    looking forward to reading your complete spoiler-filled review! 

    • Anonymous

       agree with pretty much everything you said. acting was great. liked pac-man right away. just had that charisma. wonder who the actor is.

      and i was laughing through all of wes’ rendition of the gun scene.

      their partnership just made so much more sense in this episode and kinda made it real.

      And the corruption in the episode is just funny(not really maybe reminiscent of?) cause of a couple border patrol agents(now former) who were convicted of smuggling aliens into the country, bribery, conspiracy, ect. earlier today.

  • Anonymous

    loved this episode. 

  • Jmw926

    who was the artist and song that was playing when they were waiting for sis to pull the jewelry heist

  • Jallred7

    What was the song when they were sitting outside the expo? I know I’ve heard it before, just can’t place it.

    • Bdf78

      Hands of Time

      • Tigerpowr8

        Who is the song by

  • Joan

    I loved the series Common Law and hope that there will be a season 2.  Common Law and Suits are my favorite summer shows.  Hope they go on for years.

  • Tigrman

    What was the song played when Travis was gearing up with the launcher?