Awkward “Another One Bites the Dust” Review

AwkwardIs it just me or are the annoying characters on Awkward getting even more annoying? This week’s episode, “Another One Bites the Dust,” was actually kind of painful to watch. If ever there was a time to say ‘no bueno!!’ this would be it because I’ve been singing the praises of this show for awhile. I don’t want to see it slip.

But it’s hard to get behind Jenna these days when she’s so passive. Not even passive-aggressive. Just plain passive. Her best friend never shuts up. Her mother never takes her side. Her arch-enemy has lost any redeeming qualities she possessed. Her guidance counselor should have her license taken away. Her ex is trying to sabotage the relationship she got into when he made it clear he didn’t want one with her. And what does Jenna do about any of this?

Absolutely nothing.

I think my biggest problem, though, is the fact that Lacey never stands up for her daughter. If my best friend ever treated my child like Lacey’s BFF treats Jenna, she would find herself banned from my house. But Lacey is way too concerned with her boobs and her hair to worry about silly things like Jenna’s feelings or making sure that Jenna is treated with a modicum of respect.

So, Lacey’s BFF got married this week, and while Sadie got to be a bridesmaid (because the BFF married Sadie’s uncle), Jenna got stuck with the role of “flower bitch.” Where everyone else’s dresses were beautiful, Jenna’s was straight out of 80’s wedding hell. All because she had the audacity to be born.

For a moment, I thought Jenna had grown a backbone by refusing to be in the wedding, but when Lacey’s ex-boyfriend made an appearance and the newly-separated Lacey started falling for his lines, Jenna decided to attend the wedding to keep an eye on her mom. Jake, being the amazing boyfriend, agreed to come, which turned out to be a terrible, terrible decision.

Sadie, Sadie. What can I say about Sadie? She used to be three dimensional. Yes, she was a bitch, but she was also miserable and I could almost sympathize with her. Not these days. Now she’s just a sad, evil stereotype. I thought maybe she’d get better by hooking up with Tamara’s ex, but things just got worse at the wedding. Because when Jake tried to tell Sadie that it wasn’t nice to suck face with Tamara’s ex in front of her, Sadie spilled the big can of beans about Matty and Jenna.

See? There is nothing redeemable about her anymore. There has to be some sort of consequence for her actions…for all of their actions! Especially Lacey. There has to be a day when she puts her daughter’s needs above her own. That letter she sent her last season…it wasn’t about helping Jenna. It was about making Jenna the kind of daughter that Lacey feels she deserves.

Be sure to tune in next week for the fall out from the big reveal. At this point, I kind of want Jenna to graduate and go to school in Europe, just to get away from these people.