Dallas “Revelations” Review

It’s hard to believe that “Revelations” was the final episode of the first season of Dallas. Doesn’t it seem like summer just started? True to the title, quite a few really big things were revealed, but the fallout from some of them will have to wait until January.

Thanks to emergency surgery, Bobby lived to fight another battle with JR. Despite his brother’s hospital confession that he does indeed love his little brother, Bobby emerged from his medical crisis with a renewed determation to take JR down, once and for all. Of course, we all know (or just hope) that he will never really be successful. The world would be much less fun with JR Ewing, so it’s a good thing he got immunity in order for his statement against the Venezuleans. In the end, it turned out to be John Ross who paid the toll for the attempt to take back Southfork.

After proposing to Elena and leasing out the old Ewing Oil offices for Ewing Energy, John Ross was on top of the world. He was even getting along with Christopher. But taking down the Venezuleans meant owning up to his part in the plot, including his affair with Marta/Veronica. He tried to put a clause into his confession so Elena would never find out, but voices carry in the Southfork mansion and she overheard everything. A real diamond wouldn’t make up for that, much less a chocolate one.

So, it turned out that Rebecca did end up killing her Faux Bro and the first thing she did was call in a mysterious goon squad to get rid of his body. Interesting… But Christopher wasn’t assured by her promise that her “brother” was gone for good. He hired the family PI to track him to an empty hotel room. Just as they were about to give up, the phone rang. It was the real Rebecca Sutter calling to check on her real brother. Oh dear.

After reaming out his pregnant wife for lying to him even after he gave her a second chance, Christopher ran straight to Elena. Fresh off her own heartbreak, it didn’t take long before they were horizontal.

Meanwhile, Ann found a way to save SueEllen from being blackmailed, so that she could run for govenor. She trapped her ex-husband in confessing to extortion and money laundering, promising to take him down if he didn’t lay off SueEllen. Clever girl. I doubt it will keep him at bay forever, but at least she tried.

With Elena back in Christopher’s arms, John Ross turned his attention to the one constant in his life: his need to live up to his father’s legacy. After getting JR to agree to teach him all the dirty tricks of the trade in order to take down Elena and Christopher, John Ross promised to cut his father in on all the money that would follow. He finally earned his father’s approval, but he had to go all the way into the darkness to do it. And there’s rarely any going back from that.

But the biggest reveal of the night came at the very end. How did a girl like Rebecca get a goon squad willing to vamoose a body? Well, it turns out she’s the daughter of Cliff Barnes. Her name is Pamela Rebecca Barnes (she’s named after her aunt) and she’s been working with her father for two years in order to take the Ewings down from the inside. She might have developed a soft spot, but it vanished the minute Christopher promised to take her babies away. Now, she is fully on her father’s side. And I kind of love it.

January seems like a long ways away. In the meantime, let’s talk about this season. I would love to hear your thoughts…what you liked, what you didn’t like…who’s team you’re on. Let me know in the comments below!