The LA Complex “Be A Man” Review – A Break Up, a Brothel, and a TV Premiere

The LA Complex Be A Man

The LA Complex continues to be the biggest guilty pleasure television show that I’m currently watching. I have to say that there are times that I feel I should be more ashamed about absolutely loving and being addicted to something as over the top and dramatic as The LA Complex, but damn if I don’t look forward to Tuesday nights because of it!

This week the overall theme of the show was basically suck up your issues and “Be a Man”, hence the episode title. There was a flashback into King’s childhood that actually made the guy appear even more human that he has in the last several weeks. I didn’t feel the urge to just flat out clock him in his face at all during this episode.

Remember last week when he showed up at the mission house looking for his father? Yeah, it turns out that King’s dad will not be winning any awards for father of the year, but he is attempting to make amends to his son after being locked up for a while. King actually finds it in himself to forgive his dad and offer up his home for his father to use… until he gets back on his feet. Cute, and very human of King to actually go there and let someone in. Completely surprising and a twist of character, but very sweet.

Abby also needs a place to stay since sleeping by the pool in a deck chair leads to rather embarrassing questions like “why do you smell like chlorine?” from her co-stars. Brandon takes it upon himself to offer Abby his vacant apartment since he and Laura live together anyway… but there are a few strings attached to said apartment. The strings happen to come in the form of sex. With Brandon and Laura. You know, to help Abby get over Nick.

Since Abby will apparently jump into bed with anyone, it takes (literally) two kisses before she’s all for getting busy with her new friends. I hope the apartment is worth it, Abby. Also, if you’re looking for your self respect, it hightailed it back to Canada a long, long time ago.

While Abby is having her fun with Brandon and Laura, Nick finds himself in another heinous writer’s room with Sabrina. After a slight breakdown, Nick gives his boss a decent idea – a bar that has a generous pour – and off the group goes to get wasted to hear all about Nick’s break up. Sabrina takes it upon herself to get Nick wasted and Nick attempts to tip the tables by suggesting a strip club. However, there isn’t much that guys like more than girl on girl action, so when Sabrina is all about the lap dances, Nick steps up his game further by finding a brothel and paying for Scott to have the company of two very lovely ladies for the evening.

Since drunk Nick is sort of my favorite, I hope this at least scores him some points and offers a little ammo to fight Sabrina. Who, by the way, has slowly dropped on my list of characters that I find enjoyable. Instead of being smart and suave and earning her spot on the writer’s team, she’s turned into this vindictive little brat that uses any chance she can to get Nick to make an ass of himself. Sabrina! You have talent. Earn your place through that instead of through Nick being an idiot!

Then there’s Raquel and Connor. Raquel is filming her movie and things aren’t going as great for her as they are for Connor. She’s struggling with a director that would rather play angry birds on his phone than direct, and while she attempts to work her ass off to be noticed, Connor has his premiere with his new girlfriend.

This bothers Raquel more than she cares to admit, and even though she told Connor that “dating” Jennifer would help his career, she gets crazy jealous when Connor appears all dressed up and can’t stay with her or take her to the premiere. Instead of being understanding about things, Raquel freaks out and tells Connor that she’s changed her mind and she needs him to stay with her. Needless to say this doesn’t sit well with Connor who looks very spiffy in a black suit and who is riding high for his premiere party.

After Raquel says a few choice things (I blame the pregnancy hormones), Connor leaves and tells her that he’ll be back in the morning to collect his things. He then heads to the premiere where he lays one on Jennifer at the red carpet despite this being a “business” relationship.

Little does he know that Raquel is busy being the cutest drunk ever back at the Luxe (however disappointing it was to see the writers of The LA Complex showing a pregnant character not giving a rip and drinking the entire state of California), and decides to head to Connor’s premiere anyway. What do we know about liquor and cars, kids? That’s right, they don’t mix – especially when you’re screwing with your GPS and blow through a red light.

So, Raquel is left unconscious in her car, King is sharing his house with his estranged father, Abby is getting busy with both a guy and a girl, and Nick is just trying to make it through another day in the writer’s room.

Welcome to The LA Complex.

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