Teen Wolf “Battlefield” Review

And the word of the night on this week’s episode of Teen Wolf is ominous. Like Stiles, I find myself in a state of hyper-vigilance as I watch the show. There is a dark cloud over Beacon Hills and it is clear that everyone is not going to make it out alive. In fact, if Gerard Argent survives this season I will be extremely disappointed.

This week’s episode opened with a wonderfully acted, somber monologue from Stiles. The tone of his monologue was so eerie that I worried about his chance of surviving. Surely the good folks at Teen Wolf would not be crazy enough to take our precious, precious Stiles from us. This ain’t Game of Thrones – I still really haven’t forgiven that show for killing Ned Stark. I’m still mad at Nucky for killing Jimmy on Boardwalk Empire. I digress. Back to the regularly scheduled program, Teen Wolf.

Thanks to Stiles, we learned how everyone was coping after the full moon standoff at the Beacon Hills police station. The spirit of Victoria lives on in Allison as she has now become the resident bloodthirsty, bat shit crazy woman on the show. I’m in favor of bad ass Allison but I don’t like her current path. She needs to course correct – soon. Sheriff Stilinski got his job back – at the cost of most of his colleagues being slaughtered by the kanima at Matt’s direction. Scott’s mother is still struggling with learning that her son is a werewolf (along with everything else she saw that night). Poor Stiles is feeling overwhelmed. As the son of a cop, he is always alert to trouble but he realized that as a human he is physically outmatched by those presenting the biggest threat. Oh and we should all shop at Macy’s. Seriously, the retailer has had some serious product placement over the last few weeks.

Interestingly, Stiles thought Lydia appeared to be the only one of the group coping well. If only he knew. Speaking of which, I am so frustrated that so many people are still in the dark. Allison doesn’t know about her mom trying to kill Scott, she’s got no idea that her grandfather is the devil (yet blindly follows his lead), Isaac didn’t appear to know why Matt wanted to use the kanima and Erica and Boyd don’t nkow how to listen for the sounds of all terrain vehicles in the woods with hunters using fake wolf calls. Seriously Erica and Boyd?

As expected, Gerard has nothing but bad intentions for Derek. I still don’t follow why Gerard is so hell bent on killing my favorite moody Alpha. How are you avenging Kate’s death by killing the guy who killed her murderer? That kind of logic is just further proof of Gerard being nothing but pure evil.

Speaking of Derek . . .
My favorite Alpha is in a major tail spin. He’s like a balloon falling to the ground after the air has been let out. For what it’s worth Derek, I would never leave your side. As Dr. Deaton predicted, Peter was skulking about and ready to strike as soon as Erica and Boyd jumped ship. It looks like Isaac hasn’t abandoned him but I sense he is in search of something more. How AMAZING were the scenes between Isaac, Dr. Deaton, Scott and the dying dog. *tear*

Stiles not only opened the episode with a great monologue, he closed it out by kicking ass on the lacrosse field. Even Lydia looked impressed and he finally appeared to be on her radar until Jackson went down. We’re not sure how Jackson was injured but I suspect it may have been a self inflicted wound intended to slow down the kanima. Poor Jackson. It looks like Lydia and her immunity will be key to saving Jackson from the kanima. Perhaps there is a chance that he can make it out of this season alive.

By the way, Stiles was not the only star of the lacrosse game. Two words – Coach Finrock. Two more words – Independence Day. Coach Finrock was a much needed source of levity in an otherwise gloomy episode.

Teen Wolf fans, we’re down to the last episode of the season and things aren’t looking good for some of our favorite Beacon Hills residents. For the second season in a row, someone has taken poor Stiles against his will. At least we knew what happened last season. What did you think of this week’s episode? Is it time to start ‘shipping Momma McCall and Sheriff Stilinski? What do we call them? Will Derek make it out alive or will he sacrifice his life in some redemptive blaze of glory? Sound off below!