Supernatural Chat: When Did You Know You Were in Love?

Supernatural Love

Well folks, we’re almost there. Every day we’re getting closer to the end of hellatus and season 8 of Supernatural is set to begin in less than two months. Plus, this weekend Jared confirmed at the New Jersey convention that *IF* the CW gives the show a ninth and tenth season, they are in.

With all this good news, I couldn’t help but to reflect on what it was about Supernatural that made me fall in love with it in the first place. It’s pretty rare that I instantly click with a television show, usually it takes watching at least a few episodes before I start to care about the characters. That wasn’t the case with this show. The very first episode won me over and within just one hour, this series had me hooked.

I was a bit of a late-comer to Supernatural and the first episode I actually saw was “Folsom Prison Blues.” I was flipping channels one night and saw “Supernatural” flash across my screen and remembered that a couple of my friends had been practically begging me to watch this show. They were so in love with it and I just knew they wouldn’t shut up until I at least told them I’d watched it once, so I figured what the heck? The rest, as they say, is history.

Here are the exact moments/elements of that episode that had me head over heels in love with Supernatural by the time the ending credits had aired.


Supernatural Season Finale 2012 Survival of the Fittest

Like I said, I had never seen the show and knew almost nothing about it. I had no idea who these guys were or why they were (I thought) breaking into that museum. But when Dean came on screen and starting messing with the cops, joking about his mug shot and firing off wisecrack after wisecrack, I knew I was gonna like this guy.

It seemed like every single line out of Dean’s mouth made me laugh, and yet I also saw just a wee bit of his softer side too when he told Tiny that he was sorry he had to piss him off. I could tell right then that Dean was one of those tough on the outside, soft on the inside characters that I like so much and I knew that there was a lot more to him than I was seeing in this one episode.

The Scares

Supernatural - Folsom Prison Blues

Anyone one who knows me knows that I am completely obsessed with Halloween and have a true love for being scared. It’s funny because as a child I had nightmares over scary movies and scary things, but now I love them. I’m not really into the gory stuff but give me a good startle and I’m a happy girl. It’s what sends me to scare parks every October to be gleefully chased by monsters wielding chainsaws.

As I watched this episode, I was immediately taken by the fact that it managed to creep me out from the very beginning. The flickering lights, the cold wisps of air coming from the actor’s mouths – it all gave me the chills. But the moment that really got me was when that angry spirit popped up in Dean’s face, snarling at him through the hole in his prison door. I think I jumped about three feet off my couch and I know I shrieked like a little girl. When the moment was over I laughed and knew this was the kind of show for me.

The Impala

Supernatural - Impala - Back in Black

I have loved classic muscle cars all my life, thanks to a father who constantly worked on cars as a hobby and often made me his little “grease monkey,” and did things like take me to stock car races from the time I was a baby. From that grew a love for cars – the bigger and louder, the better.

So when Baby came on screen, I think my jaw hit the ground. I had heard there was a muscle car on the show but I’d never seen anything quite as beautiful as that big, black ’67 Impala. My respect for the Winchesters and for the show grew exponentially the moment I saw Baby. I figured anybody who killed ghosts and drove a car like that was okay in my book.

The Music

Supernatural Season Finale 2012 Survival of the Fittest

My love of classic rock isn’t something that I got from a particular person or from watching a TV show. I’m old enough to have listened to nearly all of the music they’ve used on the show, live and on the radio. I can still remember being a kid in Miami and going to the lake during the summers and listening to Foreigner, Styx, Bad Company, REO Speedwagon, AC/DC and many, many more. Before I ever saw a single episode of Supernatural, my cd collection was filled with music from all of these bands.

Granted, Folsom Prison Blues doesn’t have a lot of classic rock in it, but it does have one of my favorite songs of all time – “Rooster” by Alice in Chains. When I heard that song, I literally stopped short and said “no way!” as I didn’t think there was a show cool enough to play that kind of music. Right then, I knew that if this was the kind of songs I could expect from this series, I was definitely in.


And with those few crucial elements, I went from not having any idea what Supernatural was about to being completely head-over-heels in love. In fact, thanks to this one episode I immediately went and bugged one of my friends to let me borrow her season 1 DVDs. I practically swallowed them whole and moved on to watch every episode of season two (*cough*online*cough). Within just two weeks, I had caught up to every single aired episode and was sitting in front of my TV to watch “All Hell Breaks Loose Part I” live just like every other fan in the US.

So what about you folks? Do you remember the exact moment when you fell in love with this show? Was there a particular episode or scene or character that did it for you? Sound off in the comments below. I love hearing from you guys!

I posed this same question on a few Supernatural fan boards on Facebook, here are a few of the responses I got from the fans. Check out their great stories!

Anne M:
As with all foreign shows and movies here in Denmark, we got Supernatural a few years later than it started in the US I believe. I’d watched shows like Buffy, Angel and Dark Angel and like all the, well supernatural, in general. Saw the previews for the show and had to see if it was as good as it looked and it was. I was hooked. Knew Jared from Gilmore Girls and Jensen from Dark Angel. What I love about Supernatural is that it has it all. So exciting that your heart is racing at times, you always laugh at some point during an episode, ALL of the actors are very talented, sometimes it’s emotional and it makes you cry and I love the relationship of Sam, Dean, Bobby and Castiel and what they have together. Never a dull moment on this show. It always leaves you wanting more and you hate season finale ‘cos you know how long it’ll be till next one starts and you find out how it continues. With the talent of writors, actors and producers they can keep this going for many, many more seasons and I hope they do. I’ll keep watching.

Terri S.:
Back in the days of my youth, I enjoyed The Dukes of Hazzard: 2 cute guys, family that sticks together, cool car. I heard that John Schneider was now in a show called Smallville. My hubby and I started watching and recording that show weekly, and really liked it. I did accidentally channel surf past a really scary scene on that same channel one night after Smallville. A blond girl was strapped to a chair, and an exorcism rite was being performed. It was really creepy!!! I quickly changed the channel. Eek! One evening after watching the recording of Smallville, I noticed that I had also recorded a show called Supernatural. I don’t exactly remember the episode, but I was thoroughly intrigued. Who were these brothers?? Why were they in the dire straights they were in? Could this be the same scary show I saw?? I was hooked! Well, that was 7 years and 5 Chicago cons ago! I look back…..and I still blame it all on the Dukes of Hazzard:) That’s my story!

“I was channel surfing one night and came across this show about two brothers who hunt ghosts and monsters. I love horror and thriller movies and shows, so this was right up my alley. Of course, I fell in love with J2 instantly and found the show fascinating Exactly my kind of show. I typed Supernatural into google one day and facebook came up. So I timidly looked around and found that the pages were awesome. I fearfully wrote on one page and that was it, i was hooked to show and the fandom. I love everything about Supernatural. So now I am admin on 5 Supernatural pages and head admin on this page, it is a pleasure to do this job. I love all the members, as I have said we are a family. We are the Supernatural Hell Hazers!!!!

I started watching Supernatural in 2007 when I was 27, just shortly after my beautiful 57 year old Mum suddenly passed away. My brother had the first 3 series on boxset, and said he knew I would like them. It sounds cheesy, but I feel like I have been on a real journey with Sam and Dean. I felt their pain when they felt pain, laughed when they laughed and I can honestly say I have a real love for all the characters in Supernatural. I actually watch it every night before I go to sleep – it’s my little security blanket! The show has really helped me through some dark times over the past 5 years, it has made me feel less alone. It’s touched me and helped me when I have needed it most. I have great friends and family, but sometimes it felt like was only Sam and Dean who got me through the dark days!

Amanda F:
okay how i heard got into supernatural i was at a boarding school and was about to graduate and was at the doctors office and read in a magazine about the new fall shows. it said this two estranged brothers are forced to come together to find out how thier mother mysteriously died. of course it said the actors jared padalecki and jensen ackles. i was like okay lol, had a tiny pic of them but was still more intrigued by the show still. it was so up my alley. i loved Angel, Buffy, charmed and hello title is Supernatural so of course i would give it a shot. so since i was at the borading school missed the frst 4 eps but shhh dont tell anyone, im a true supernatural fan i loved it of course the first eo i saw was bloody mary and was like who is Jess!?!? was so lost but i was so attracted the mystery of the show like why does Sam have these dreams and what is he not telling Dean. i was hooked. luckily for me the good ole WB aired a week of supernatural called the spirits collection and i got all caught up! i could not shut up about supernatural, i had to tell everyone about it! i hope this help you out with your article

Karen D:
How I got into Supernatural – I have always been into the supernatural, I read Amityville and the Exorcist as a teen. I loved Charmed when it was on (I still watch it), so one day I saw a commercial for Supernatural, I said heck yes. I got to watch the first season until my cable in Missouri changed. I got caught up with the first and the second with Netflix, when we moved to Arkansas and to Cox cable I was able to start watching it every Friday. Also it turns out the hotel they stayed in season 1 episode 1 was the hotel I used to manage, can you believe I moved out of California a year before they filmed there.

Mrs. AMB:
I can’t remember exactly why I started watching, but I bought the box set 1-3 before I’d seen a single episode, started watching from the Pilot and was hooked straight away. Then I found fandom via Facebook, and made a whole load of friends round the world, who have kept my enthusiasm high just as much as the show itself has. I ended up going to America for the first time and on my own, just to meet up with Facebook SPN friends in Chicago for the 2010 convention (I could have gone to a con in Europe and subsequently did, but this one was special because of my friends). Now I’m hooked on conventions too – my poor hubby thinks I’m obsessed and he’s right…LOL. I’m here for the duration of the show, writing fanfic, making pretty pictures and helping Tracey run this lovely community – and I love you all, you crazy puddings! Boop!

Supernatural Seriously Awesome:
“I wanted to watch Supernatural when it first came on the air but when it first came on I had no cable, no internet and I was working two jobs while raising my teenage daughter. My husband of 17 years decided to leave us when she was 15 and six weeks after he left I was laid off from my job. I had to have my cable and internet turned off because I could no longer afford them. Angel was one of my fave shows at the time but for years I didn’t know how it ended because around that time was when I had to have my cable turned off. I knew Supernatural was out there because of the genre. I really wanted to watch it because of that and because I’ve always had this thing about brothers…..maybe it’s because I always really wanted one who would have my back but unfortunately my real brother never did. After six hard months of not being able to find a job, I found a really good job and then after that I got a second job at Subway. It took awhile to catch up on everything but as soon as I could afford it, I had my cable turned back on and the first episode of Supernatural I watched was a rerun of Fresh Blood. The brother scene at the end….totally hooked me. The boy’s loyalty to each other and the horror they had been through broke my heart and resonated with me. I could relate to wanting your family back together so bad you’d do anything for it to happen. I went out and bought the first three seasons. Supernatural was in its fourth season on winter hiatus and I caught up on seasons 1-3 on DVD and the first ten episodes of season 4 by buying them from Amazon. After I got caught up on everything, I went exploring online and discovered the crazy fandom that I dearly love. I went to my first con in Chicago, 2010, and met people I’d only ever talked to online. Since then I have been to both NashCons, took a cross country train trip to Vancouver (I don’t fly) and went on a Supernatural themed road trip to Lawrence with two of my best friends from the SPN fandom. I have met some amazing people, heard some incredible stories and made friends for life from all over the world. I’ve had a chance to tell Jensen and Jared that their show literally saved my life. Supernatural helped me rediscover my passion for writing, it has helped me to grow as a person, it has given me some of the best friends you could ever ask for and most importantly it has helped me heal. I will be a Supernatural fan for life.

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  • Debbie19556016

    Yes? the 67 Impala My Son and I loved that car,  great for the boys,  the show needs that car back, in season 6 the Impala was gone for all the season,  we were very upset not to see the boys in the car the show just not the same please have the 67 Impala back in season 8,  and I have heard that the car will come back, and this waiting for October is just killing us.  come back boys and bring baby with you.  hurry up October.

  • Michelle, I do believe we’re soul sisters. Haha. I’m sad to say that I didn’t know anything about Supernatural until re-runs started airing on TNT. About 3 years ago, I fell asleep with my tv on one night, and when I woke up, Folsom Prison Blues was just coming on. I recognized Jensen Ackles because I was a fan of Dark Angel, so I decided to give this new show a look. Boy am I glad I did. I haven’t looked back since. I loved Folsom Prison Blues for all the same reasons you did. But especially because of Dean. I just fell in love with Dean Winchester immediately. He was funny and cocky yet at the same time compassionate and vulnerable. I also really loved the brother dynamic. Watching Dean and Sam was like watching my two brothers. There was obviously a lot of love between the two of them, but at the same time they kind of annoyed each other. Exactly the way it is with siblings. I was also pleasantly surprised to hear Alice in Chains at the end of the ep. I developed a love of classic rock music because of this show.

    Although Folsom Prison Blues was my fantastic introduction to the series, that wasn’t the one that did it for me. The episode that took me over the edge was WIAWSNB. I remember watching that episode and just feeling so strongly for Dean. That was the first time I remember wanting to reach into the tv and give a character a hug. Jensen Ackles is obviously a phenomenal actor, but he just knocked it out of the park in that ep. I’m not a big crier and there are only a handful of movies that have ever made me tear up, but I got very teary-eyed when Dean went to John’s grave. It was, of course, the first of many tears shed while watching this show. But WIAWSNB is what totally won me over. I immediately went to the store and bought seasons 1-4 on DVD. I couldn’t wait to get home and start the series from the beginning. I have been a proud Supernatural addict every since.

    • Anonymous

      Yes! You are indeed my soul-sister! Too funny that we both fell in love with the same show because we watched the very same episode first. 🙂

    • Dahne1

      WiaWSNB is my favorite Supernatural episode.  It’s such great writing and acting, but the thing that puts it on top for me is that for a brief moment both the brothers know joy.  It may not have been real but it was there and they rarely get to feel that.

  • TexasGreatGrams

    I am very new to Supernatural. I don’t know how I missed this show for 6+ years. My 15 year old granddaughter had been telling me about the show for 6 months-telling how much she loved the show. So, for her 15th birthday on April 1, I gave her seasons 1-6 on DVD. Then, when I visited them in June, we watched all 6 seasons within 2 weeks-starting with the pilot. I was hooked by day 1. The love between the 2 brothers is portrayed so vividly and realistically that it makes me cry. Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki deserve Emmy’s in my opinion.                                                                           The guilt Dean feels because he lived and his Dad gave his life so that he could live, the guilt Sam felt when Dean made the deal with the crossroads demon, the pain they each felt at the loss of their Dad, Ellen and Jo, the loss of each other as they each went to hell, Sam’s loss of Jess, Dean’s loss of Lisa and Ben, Castiel’s betrayal, and most of all-Bobby’s death-all these changes have been so instrumental in bringing “the boys” to where they ended up at the end of season 7-and made me a fan for life. I now own DVDs for seasons 1-6 and have pre-ordered the season 7 DVD.
    The writing and the acting on this show is absolutely amazing. And just pulls you in so you can be part of the boys’ lives. Of course, the Impala and the music are just icing on the cake.
    I’ve not been to one of the conventions yet-but am planning on making the 2013 Dallas convention. And I’ve found and love the Face Book fan pages. It’s great to share my obsession with so many others.
    So glad to know Jensen and Jared are ready to give us seasons 9-10;just need to let the CW know how much we all love this wonderful show.

  • My discovery of Supernatural was on YouTube — one of those times where one video leads to another and then you end up somewhere completely off-topic.  And that’s when I saw Dean.  It truly was love at first sight. My strict Christian upbringing red-flagged my interest, but I was hooked and trying to convince myself not to watch.  After reading over half a dozen lists of ‘why I should watch’ I decided to DVR episodes off of TNT.  What draws me aside from the ‘sights’ is the stories, the relationships, the mythology.  It makes my religion-major-heart beat.  

  • bgeesfan

    I remember passing by Folsom Prison Blues…I think I watched WIAWSNB live and then didn’t watch AHBL 1 & 2.  But I watched all of S3 live and bought all the seasons immediately.  I can’t pinpoint exactly when I became a Supernatural fan…it feels like I’ve always watched it.  It’s just an amazing show–there has never been its equal in my opinion and I have never loved a show as much as I love Supernatural.  

  • Ava131

    LOVE this show so much, but I also started late and happened on to it channel-surfing. It was the “Changing Channels” episode! One of the best in the series in my opinion and then I was hooked! Thankfully it airs daily on TNT so I was able to catch up quickly. I immediately loved the humor, Dean’s funny lines, the relationship of the brothers, the mythology, the classic rock music and of course it doesn’t hurt that these guys are so damn hot and sexy!!! 

  • Strangeworld

    When I saw Asylum and Dean looking at Sam when Sam shot him with the empty gun.  The look Dean had made me realize how much Jensen could say without any dialog.   That’s when I fell in love. 😀

  • because of the hiatus i have been rewatching all of the past seasons of spn and falling in love with jared,jensen,jim,misha and spn all over again. i don’t remember the exact episode but i know it was season 3 that i fell hopelessly in love with spn, before season 3 i only watched sporadically. no other show has made me feel such emotion: heartbreak,outrage, joy, sadnes. spn is awesome because it perfectly blends horror, drama,action, comedy and brothely love.

  • Charmer

    The first episode I ever saw was Dead in the Water, season 1 ep 3 i think. It was different from the run of the mill spook shows and movies and had such depth to it. But then I didn’t watch the series for a while until season 2 because of my work and study schedule. Even then I used to miss out many eps in between. But, the moment I fell in love with the show truly was the scene when Styx’s Renegade plays and they say we’re so screwed!!! Awesome moment:)

    • Best song to scene moment of any TV show anywhere.  It was perfect.

  • Dahne1

    I became obsessed with Supernatural on September 27, 2005.  I remember the precise moment.  Supernatural caught my interest the summer before it premiered because critics were comparing it to Buffy and The X-Files, two series I absolutely loved and then became disillusioned with. I decided to try it out and I knew this show was for me in the pilot when Dean said, “No chick flick moments.”  Winner – snark.  Then Kripke went and surprised me for the first of many times.  I was holding my breath as he killed off Jessica.  I was so excited because it made the story more intense and even more importantly, it killed off the potential love triangle right away.  That had me sending Kripke massive kudos from the start.

    However, it was Dead in the Water when Supernatural became my TV obsession, leaping to my favorite faster than any other show.  When Dean kneels down so he can talk TO Lucas instead of AT him and opens himself up a bit, to a child no less, Dean became a fully rounded character and not just a fountain of snark.  Supernatural became appointment TV for me that day and has never stopped being so.  This in itself is impressive because I usually fall out of love with a TV show somewhere in the 3-5th year.

  • I’m also a latecomer to the show, and really only started watching one day because I was bored and it was on Netflix. Jensen had me at “Whoa, easy tiger!”. 🙂 But I didn’t truly fall in love with the show until the season 1 finale, which put me through every single emotion I could imagine in the space of forty-something minutes. I now own seasons 1-6 on DVD, and have watched them multiple times, and I watch the season 7 reruns every Wednesday. I can’t imagine my life without Supernatural, it has brought me such joy in so many ways. Watching the amazing performances. Listening to the great music. And all the awesome people who are my SPN Family. 🙂 Love you all!

  • I found the show in late oct of 2011 because I had just quit my job and was stuck watching daytime tv.  Thank god for TNT!  Was going to watch Smallville one day and tuned in early enough to catch the second half of Bloodlust.  Wasn’t blown away, but knew the next day that I had nothing better to do at 9am, so I watched a whole episode while multitasking, and the second one held all my attention (Simon Says).  I wasn’t hooked until Hunted, when Dean told Sam about their dad’s last words.  That was my “omg, this is awesome” moment.  Followed along with the TNT reruns every weekday for two weeks, then I broke down and bought the DVDs for the remaining seasons and watched like 8 hours a day until I was caught up.  My moment I fell head-over-heals in love with the show was episode 2 of seasons 4 where Cas tells Dean about Lucifer and “why do you think we’re walking among you for the first time in 2,000 years?”  Just wow!

  • I first watched Supernatural online with French subtitles; it was 1×17 “Hell House” shortly after it had aired on the WB for the first time.  At the time I thought it was rather silly and superficial and not that pretty.  WELL.  The summer between S4 and S5 I watched it with a friend on behalf of her love for Castiel.  I went along with it, watching the Castiel episodes of S4 with her, then started in on S5 (without seeing any of the first three seasons).  Then 5×09 “The Real Ghostbusters” came along and one of the LARPers said to Dean, “They’re fictional characters.  They don’t care!” and my response was OMG YES THEY DO ;_________;

    At which point I knew there was no turning back.  Then I saw 5×10 “Abandon All Hope”, wept profusely, and had seen the entire series twiceover before the year was out.  We have been in a steady, committed relationship ever since. 🙂

  • Draea

    When did I first fall in love?  Just this summer, through Netflix.  I have always enjoyed shows with creepy thrills, nice cars and interesting characters, but I had avoided Supernatural (why, I don’t know). After watching Being Human, Primeval, and re-watching X-files…I decided to try Supernatural and it was an instant addiction, so much so that I bought the DVDs.  I am waiting anxiously for season 8.  The supremely good acting coupled with a car I absolutely crave and the music, make this an addiction I have no intention of giving up

  • The Supernatural Seriously Awesome comment is me. 🙂

  • The Supernatural Seriously Awesome comment is me. 🙂

  • Rachel

    I live in Australia so the show did not start here until after few weeks it had started in the U.S. Leading up to the night it started, the channel it would be airing on was showing tiny little clips and promos. I was 12 years old but I just knew that I wanted to stay up and watch the show as it would be airing at around 9.30 at night. When the night came, I sat down to watch the show. From the minute it started to the minute it ended, I was on the edge of my seat. I felt sad when Mary died even though I didn’t know what it was all leading up to. The scene that stood out the most, for me, was when Dean Winchester showed his face. I may have been 12 years old, but I knew I was instantly in love. He was handsome, funny, kind of annoying, and an amazing brother and I knew this was the start of my love affair with this show. I have been watching this show from the very beginning and I will keep watching until it ends. And then I’ll watch re-runs over and over and over again 🙂

  • I watched the first few episodes of Season 1 and was thinking, hey this is a good show. But the Faith episode, with the reaper and the white tent? Well, that pretty much sealed the deal for me for some reason. Maybe it was Jensen’s acting along with Sam’s patience, but for some reason, the combination hooked up. I’ve worked up to season 3 and can’t wait to get the rest of them.

  • I like how they pay homage to other super natural shows throughout the series. The episode with girl in white jumping of the bridge, the brothers, acting as FBI agents, refer to the real FBI agents as Scully and Molder. Plus, how they keep cliche’s out of the show.

  • I’m on season 3 after discovering this show a few days ago. Do the writers keep teasing us about a female joining the team or is it my imagination?

  • I hated to see the Comedian die.  Jeffery Morgan.

  • I’m a fairly emotional person, I enjoy getting excited about things and I’m really passionate about things that I care about.  But, I’m not much of a crier.  I can feel the sadness and weight of a moment but I don’t express it through tears, usually.  If I cry, then you know that whatever has happened in my life has really affected me.

    I was a fan of the show from the beginning.  I was familiar with Jensen thanks to Dark Angel and Smallville and a paranormal horror drama is just the type of show I’d watch – bring on dark fantasy, I love it.  In the first and second seasons I was a faithful viewer making sure to tune into the life of the Winchester’s each week.  I was impressed with the show and felt entertained.  I don’t know when the shift happened, I just know when I became aware of the change; but the moment I realized that I was in love with this show, passionate about it and not just simply enjoying it was at the end of season 2.  I was watching “What Is and What Should Never Be” and enjoying the alternate reality switcheroo that was presented and then suddenly everything changed.  Dean is standing at his father’s grave discussing the decision of whether or not to give up his family’s happiness for the lives of others and I couldn’t make it through that scene.  I had to pause my DVR because I couldn’t breath I was crying so hard.  I had practically become hysterical.  Eventually I calmed myself down enough to finish the episode, but not without having to pause two other times.  When I become engrossed enough to incite that kind of response, that’s just good television.  I realized that the show had become my favorite show of all time and that I genuinely and deeply cared about the characters.