‘Archer’ & ‘Bob’s Burgers’ To Be Featured In Crossover Episode

Actor H. Jon Benjamin has revealed to EW that fans will be treated to an Archer and Bob’s Burgers crossover episode this coming season. Discussing a few details behind the anticipated episode where Benjamin will voice both his characters, Sterling Archer and Bob Belcher, the star of both animated series called it “a little weird.” Adding, “because you have to be a fan of both to understand it. But you don’t have to know about ‘Bob’s Burgers’ to enjoy it.”

The crossover will take place in Archer’s new season and if bringing both of the cartoon characters to the same screen could cause a reaction, Benjamin says he’s ready for the negative and the positive of what fans may think of his performance as he tackles the two. “It’s seems like kind of a 50-50: 50 percent of people are like, ‘You suck, you use the same voice,’ and 50 percent of people are like, ‘It’s amazing how different they are!’ And I really can’t speak to either opinion.”

“It’s ‘Archer’-style animation,” Benjamin shared. “But with all the accoutrements and characteristics of the [Bob’s] characters.” Bob’s wife Linda ( John Roberts) will be featured in the episode, “but the kids aren’t in it. I guess it must’ve been a budget restriction or something. Like, ‘I can’t afford to pay an extra three grand to pay actors.”

The FX Network is sure to release the date of the ‘Archer’ and ‘Bob’s Burger’s crossover special soon.