The Glades “Islandia” Review

The Glades (2012) Season 3
After two weeks off, The Glades returned this week with “Islandia,” which appropriately took place on a tiny, fictious island off the Florida coast. The gang was called out to investigate the murder of a recent lotto winner, adding fuel to the urban myth of the lotto curse. Just for once in a TV show, I’d like to see a lotto winner who ends up blissfully happy.

As it turned out, the murder victim was accidentally killed by his own brother, who was just trying to kill the man who owned the island because the victim blamed him for the death of girl they both loved in high school, and the brother figured that killing a man would bring his rich sibling closure. Hmm…okay, I love my brother, but if he was bent on using his millions to steal a man’s island, I would pat him on the head and encourage him to seek therapy. I wouldn’t kill for him. Is it me or are the justifications for murder on this show getting crazier every week?

Jim was a little out of sorts this week as the romance of a long-distance relationship started to give way to reality. Heading into her board certification, Callie just couldn’t seem to get away for a phone call, much less a weekend romp. Even when he sent her a very sweet gift basket, she didn’t realize it was for her until half the staff had enjoyed it. She was too busy hanging out with her former enemy and new BFF. I think it says something about my trust issues that I still think Callie’s decision to go to that party will come back to haunt her, like it was all a set-up to get her kicked out of the program for taking bribes or something. I don’t know. That could just be me. I wouldn’t have taken her boss at face value.

Meanwhile, poor Jim was left hanging, but he wasn’t alone. Jennifer was partnered with him on the investigation and in between falling in creeks and getting chased up trees by Florida panthers, she told him about the married man she’d been seeing. At first, Jim had only a passing interest in this information, but after being blown off by Callie one too many times, suddenly he wanted to know how Jennifer handled her long distance affair. Short answer: she hadn’t and it was pretty much over. This didn’t exactly put Jim’s mind at ease.

Sometimes people grow apart and once-hot affairs cool with distance and time. I think that’s happened to Jim and Callie. I know there are probably people out there who are heartbroken and maybe even angry at the direction this pairing has taken, but this is what happens in real life. In fact, this might be the most realistic aspect of the show so far.

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