Season 5 of ‘Merlin’ Is Going To Be Legendary [Video]

merlin season 5

BBC One has released the trailer for Merlin‘s fifth season and it is downright mythic.

After spending most of the first four seasons focusing on the origin stories of Merlin, Arthur, Morgana and Gwen, season five is poised to dive into the more familiar aspects of Arthurian legend–while still putting a new spin on the proceedings, of course. Viewers can expect a three year time jump with the action picking up long after Uther’s death. Now Arthur is in possession of Excalibur, the knights are gathered around the round table and Morgana is embracing her dark side.

The promo–which you can check out below–promises Arthur’s reign will usher in a new era for the series, but that doesn’t mean there will be less work for Merlin. The young wizard is warned that, “even as Camelot flowers, the seeds of her destruction are being sown.”

Merlin season five will debut fall 2012 on BBC One. There is no set date for its American premiere yet.

  • Mer

    Merlin should be more about Merlin! My favorite is the title character played by Colin Morgan. This season will not be good for me if it doesn’t focus on Merlin properly! 

  • Violamom

    IF THERE IS NO REVEAL OF MERLIN TO ARTHUR THIS SEASON, I will personally storm the castle with torches and pitchforks…how stupid are we supposed to believe these people are not to put two and two together???  Come on already!!   :-/    <