Drop Dead Diva “Ashes to Ashes” Review

This week on Drop Dead Diva in ‘Ashes to Ashes’, Jane and Grayson try to help a woman who wants to keep the remains of her dead fiancee in a will dispute. But the case takes an odd turn when it’s revealed that she’s actually eating the remains — because they cause her to see her fiance’s ghost. Meanwhile, Teri almost becomes the victim of a record company scam, Kim wants a little more respect from Parker, and Owen’s back in town…

The episode opened with a resolution of the big cliffhanger ending from two weeks ago. It’s the morning after the FBI raid the night before and Jane finds herself called into the office for a meeting with Parker and the gang. Apparently his hiring Gina was part of a sting operation to uncover her dirty deeds. This means that the company is fine and open for business, but no one is particularly impressed, especially Kim. She believes that Parker doesn’t treat her like an equal partner in the company (and him sending her flowers to apologise doesn’t help), but after a pep talk with Teri, Parker opts to make amends — by having Kim lead the bi-annual partners’ meeting. It was a nice moment, even if the flowers sound like a much better option!

Jane and Grayson’s case was definitely unique and a nice change from the repetitive storylines Drop Dead Diva‘s been suffering from recently. It was surprising macabre too — a woman eating the cremated remains of her dead love doesn’t seem like this show’s fare. Still, it was handled well, and the murder twist helped bring closure to both the plot and the remains; I can’t imagine the episode ending with the fiancee actually getting hold of the ashes! That would have been a step too far…

Teri and the record company scam left me baffled. On the one hand, it was a nice subplot and I love her interactions with Luke. (It also gives the underused Luke something to do.) But Teri always seems so sharp and savvy, I wouldn’t have thought her capable of falling for something like this scam. I suppose it shows that anyone can fall for anything if they believe it enough, but it feels like an old Stacy subplot with new characters shoehorned in.

Speaking of falling for anything, Owen was back this week. Finally! Did he run away because he had cold feet about the wedding? Was he cheating on Jane? No. He was in hospital in a medically induced coma after having a heart attack and a subsequent operation. And he didn’t tell anyone about going to the hospital, so no one knew to contact his family or Jane. The only thing worse than Owen disappearing for episodes at a time is him coming back with a ridiculous explanation. Anyway, he’s understandably reluctant to be with Jane in case he drops down dead, and she makes it all about her by saying that he can’t dump her — because she’s dumping him first. Well, whoop-de-doo, Jane.

By the end of the episode Jane has realised that life’s too short and she needs to be with Owen for as long as they both shall live. She even goes as far as proposing. He accepts and it looks like the wedding’s back on. I’m really hoping that Owen doesn’t die before the end of the season, thereby giving us a fifth season wherein she mourns, just as Grayson once did, bringing them closer together.

All in all, a good episode, though one with some baffling elements. I’m not sure how I feel about Owen’s reasons for being away, though I’m glad he’s finally back. It was great to have an interesting case that hadn’t been done to death before (pardon the pun). And I’m hoping that we get more Luke and Stacy scenes next week — they’re too awesome to be so underused.

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