Secret Millionaire Season 3: “Marcus Lemonis”

Secret Millionaire Season 3 Marcus Lemonis (2)

Secret Millionaire “Marcus Lemonis” (Season 3) airs tonight Sunday August 5 on ABC (8:00-9:00 p.m., ET).

Episode Synopsis: CEO & Chairman of Camping World and Good Sam touches the lives of many when he returns to a very disadvantaged community of his Miami childhood hometown to secretly seek out those most in need. Over the course of seven days, this billion dollar business owner leaves his luxurious Chicago lifestyle and moves into a rundown trailer at welfare level wages.

While there, he volunteers and gets to know some selfless heroes who are sacrificing their time, energy and money to provide a good home for young women at risk and to clothe children living in poverty. At week’s end, Marcus gifts these amazing people with hundreds of thousands of dollars of his own money and confesses to having had “the single greatest experience of his life,” on “Secret Millionaire,” SUNDAY, AUGUST 5 (8:00-9:00 p.m., ET), on The ABC Television Network

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  • Tdeason56

    I just watched the ABC programming for this evening, Sunday, August 5, 2012: and the fellow I watched on Secret Millionaire, was a man that needs to be told, what an outstanding man he truly is. This message may, or may not reach him, but whoever is in charge,of receiving it, if it is in your power to pass a message on to this young man, please tell him the following……
    Your courage, regardless or the motivation behind why you signed on for the ABC reality show, doesn’t matter in the big picture, unless it is there to attempt to inspire others to be more forgiving, and accepting of their fellow man. I write this message,to you, specifically, to tell you what a spectacular, loving, giving, and sensitive young man you are, and as a woman with children close to your age, what an example you are to your peers, to be able to give back, regardless of the SIZE of the gift, its the actual DOING that puts you in an entirely different, and reverent catagory.
    Adopted, or not, you had choices, thank goodness you recognized those choices, and took the high roads, each time. I am feeling such a sense of pride for your adoptive parents, because they obviously raised you to know that its not what you HAVE, its what you GIVE. Thank you for sharing your story with us, and may God bless you always, and keep you in his heart, as your spirit is obviously one that will forever no one that believes that if is better to give, than to receive.
    Sincerely yours,
    Ms. Terry Deason, A.I.F.D.
    (…and f.y.I….partially adopted, have a birth Mom, adoptive,Dad.)