The ‘Homeland’ Season 2 Teaser Asks You To “Look Again”

Homeland Season 2

Showtime has released a trippy new teaser trailer for season two of their critically-acclaimed and Emmy nominated Homeland. The teaser doesn’t offer up any new footage, but it does give us a frightening look at the scrambled memories that are running through Carrie Mathison’s mind. We see Carrie staring straight ahead as a deluge of images and sound bites from the first season flash around her. Everything appears to be a senseless jumble of memories to Carrie except for her certainty that Brody is a “traitor and a terrorist.”

The trailer is heavily reminiscent of brainwashing videos (at least it’s heavily reminiscent of the ones favored by the ABC series Lost), which is fitting considering the fate that befell Carrie at the end of the first season. It also appears to be designed to get viewers to tap into their inner CIA agent skills and hunt for clues. At one point the words “We” and “Were” flash across the screen and then at the end “Look Again.” Also hidden around the three second mark is the web address for which leads to an interactive component set-up by Showtime.

Watch the trailer below and let us know if you turn up any more clues for season two in the comments.

Season two of Homeland will debut on September 30 on Showtime.