Suits (USA) “Sucker Punch” Review – Everyone is Against the Ropes

Suits (USA) Sucker Punch

This episode of Suits was very well titled, because I feel like everyone suffered their own version of a “Sucker Punch” tonight. Including me, since each one of those well- acted and emotional scenes was like taking a punch to the gut.

With Harvey’s career on the line, Hardman decides to run an inside trial to prepare Jessica and Harvey for the real thing. Knowing that they need to be challenged big time, they pick Louis as opposing attorney, who immediate taps Mike as his co-counsel. Louis of course pulls out all the stops and with Mike’s help, they come up with some pretty awesome arguments. Everything is kind of fun until it’s not.

When Mike tries to bring Donna in to testify at the trial, pointing out that it was her mistake they were trying to fix, I think I felt the first punch. Then Harvey tries to convince her too and she tells him that she expected him to help her as much as he’d helped Mike; yeah, that one hurt. But when she went in and Louis had to tear her apart, that’s when I really felt it. Not just for Donna and not just for Harvey, but surprisingly enough for Louis as well. Nobody enjoyed doing that to her and yet they had to in order to protect Harvey.

The next series of blows came thanks to a very special guest star, Gabriel Macht’s real life wife Jacinda Barrett as Zoe the jury specialist. Once she spots how the partners responded to Harvey jumping up to protect Donna, she and Jessica decide to go in for the kill to force him to show that little soft underbelly of his. I was frightened by the prospect even as I was salivating for it. I think we’re all sort of dying to see cracks in Harvey’s armor after all this time, but at the same time who wants to see someone torn apart? What we get is something in between. He didn’t break down as much as I thought he might, but he also delivered a few more good blows to my already bruised gut when he said those lines about how caring makes you weak and if “they think you care, they’ll walk all over you.” For someone to get to that point, you have to wonder what happened and who hurt them.

Just as I was up against the ropes and not sure how many more punches I could handle, the episode had a few more up its sleeve. First another one from Louis when he admits that, no matter how much he despises Harvey, he knows Harvey’s a good lawyer and would never commit fraud. That one really smarted. Then there was the final blow: Hardman acting like the good guy and helping Mike to find a way to get a settlement out of Tanner that also protected Harvey from disbarment, only so that he could maneuver himself in to possibly take over the firm from Jessica. We’ve been waiting for proof that we couldn’t trust him and there it was.

So at the end we have Harvey saved but not Donna (I won’t consider her saved until she’s back at her desk), Hardman in a position to knock Jessica out of power and everyone stinging from the battles they just fought. All I can say is thank goodness it looks like next week’s ep is going to be a lighter one (how awesome did that preview look?) because I think we all need a chance to take a break and lick our wounds for a little while. At least I know I do.

My favorite bits..

“I wasn’t objecting to his question, just his tie. I do have to look at it you know.”

Tanner calling Harvey “Hairdo.”

“I’m gonna take my ball and shove it up your..”

Waiting for Harvey to punch Tanner in the….OMG he actually did it! I know I shouldn’t have cheered, because that’s bad but still, that jerk totally deserved it.

Harvey and Jessica agreeing that they needed a “nasty Tanner,” aka one Louis Litt.

“The one thing you have in common with Tanner is your hatred of me.”
“That is true.”

The look on Louis’ face when Harvey said “Oh look at that, he thinks I’m pretty.”

Harvey admitting that punching Tanner was awesome.

Harvey in that black sweater. Just sayin.’

“Maybe it would be easier to bug his office with a Dictaphone, then use that to get ahead.” – Oh! Burn!

Mike pissing Louis off, and showing him exactly what he needed to do at Harvey’s mock trial.

“Look, I’m an asshole.”
“Did you come here to tell me things I already know?”

Donna pointing out that Harvey fought harder for Mike than he did for her. Oh wow, she so has a point there.

“It’s not bragging if it’s true.”
“Yes it is.”

The reaction by everyone in the room when Louis managed to stump Harvey. Oh crap.

Mike questioning Rachel as Donna. Oh wow.

“Let’s stop playing ‘Tip Toe Through The Tulips’ around the elephant in the room.”

Mike imploring Donna to help Harvey, because otherwise Harvey would never going to get to do what he loves, ever again.

“You know what’s not fair? Harvey taking the blame for your mistake.”

Daaaamn. Louis just Litt it up in that scene.

“Being fully dressed it over-rated.”

Zoe pointing out to Harvey they he needed to show his feelings, not just talk about them.

Donna admitting that her boyfriend broke up with her when she chose Harvey over him. WHOA.

Louis admitting that doing that to Donna made him sick. He really does care about her, too. Wow.

“You think this is about beating you? This whole thing is about saving you!!”

“What just happened to that beautiful woman in there. THAT’S ON YOU! NOT ME”

“You really admire him?”
“I do.”

Jessica and Zoe discussing how they needed to force Harey to show his softer side. Something I’m looking forward to and dreading all at once.

“Caring only makes you…”

“If they think you care, they’ll walk all over you.” – Oh Harvey, who hurt you?

Harvey realizing that they needed to call Louis to the stand. Brilliant!

Louis actually admitting all those things about Harvey, including the fact that he would never commit fraud. HOLY CRAP. That is all.

“With all due respect, it doesn’t matter what you are if Harvey gets disbarred.”

Harvey choosing to settle. Wow.

Oh my god. I knew that Hardman wasn’t helping Harvey out of the goodness of his heart but I had no idea he would show his hand that fast.

What did you think of this episode of Suits? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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