Captain Hook is Coming to ‘Once Upon a Time”

If you were at Comic Con 2012 last month, sitting in the panel room for the new ABC fairytale drama Once Upon a Time, you saw the sneak peek look at Captain Hook paying a visit to Storybrooke, Maine. Now it would seem the actor who is going to play this legendary character has been announced.

Irish actor Colin O’Donoghue will be taking on the role. Who is that, you ask? Well, he is one of many thespians who will be showing up in the second season of the highest rated new series of the 2011-2012 TV season.

Captain Hook and his Storybrooke alter ego is being described as a “handsome, fearsome and confident pirate ship captain, who relishes every challenge and never backs down from a fight, whether the reward is power, riches, or women. He possesses the meticulous style and old-school manners of a proper gentleman, but beneath that veneer lies a vindictive enemy who will not rest until all his enemies have been defeated and humiliated”. This will be a potentially recurring role that will start on the fourth episode of the new season.

O’Donoghue may be a newcomer to American television, having guest starred in one episode of ‘The Tudors’ as Duke Philip of Bavaria, but he has appeared on the Irish TV shows ‘Proof’, ‘Fair City’ and ‘The Clinic’. He also appeared alongside Anthony Hopkins in the box office film ‘The Rite’.

‘Once Upon a Time’ will be back for its much-anticipated second season starting on Sunday, September 30 at 8/7c on ABC. [Source: TV Line]