Dinosaurs Are Cool In The Season 7 Trailer of ‘Doctor Who’

doctor who season7 poster

The long wait for the return of Doctor Who is almost over. With season 7 set to debut this fall, BBC America has finally relented and given us a glimpse of what’s coming up as the iconic show prepares for its monumental 50th anniversary in 2013. And what’s coming up looks even cooler than bow ties.

The adventure-filled trailer is positively bursting at the seams with tantalizing tidbits. For starters, there are (much to The Doctor’s delight) dinosaurs on a spaceship, an appearance by Cleopatra and a baby Weeping Angel that makes the grownup versions look downright cuddly by comparison. It doesn’t look like things will be all fun and games though. As you’ve probably heard by now, we will be bidding adieu to the Ponds this season, but apparently not before they assist The Doctor in yet another epic showdown with his archenemies the Daleks. Yes, we’ve seen the Daleks plenty of times before, but the episode in question looks promising if for no other reason than it allows Rory to have the following bone chilling exchange with The Doctor:

“Who killed all the Daleks?”
“Who do you think?!”

In addition to the trailer, BBC America also released some official pictures of The Doctor’s newest companion Clara played by Jenna-Louise Coleman. It might be a while before we get to see her in action, but Clara will surely prove to be as adventurous as her predecessors (isn’t that a prerequisite for riding in the TARDIS?).

Check out the trailer and the pictures below, then head to the comments to sound off on the new season: Are you prepared to say farewell to the Ponds? Excited about the prospect of seeing dinosaurs in space? Let us know!

Season 7 of Doctor Who will debut fall 2012 on BBC America.

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(Photo Credit: BBC America)