Dallas “Family Business” Review

After a week away (sorry, I was out of town), I had to rush to catch up with Dallas in time for this week’s episode, “Family Business,” of which there was a lot. There were also a few worrying surprises and the return of JR. That’s never really a good thing.

John Ross has been through the ringer. Accused of murder, jailed, beaten, rescued not by his parents, but by his uncle and cousin. It was enough to make him question the kind of man he’s become in his pursuit of his father’s legacy. Oh, he still wants the oil under Southfork, but he’s willing to play by the rules now to get it. With Elena’s help, he found a way to drill sideways and hit the reserve without breaking ground on Southfork property. John Ross was even willing to use the profits to buy the rights to Christopher’s clean energy tech back from the Venezuleans, not that Christopher was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. C’mon…the boy’s trying. It’s not easy to crawl out from under the boot of JR Ewing.

Unfortunately, Bobby’s untimely health issues threatened to derail everything. This time it wasn’t cancer, but an aneurysm that was threatening to explode in his brain. I’ll call it JR Jr, because no doubt the malady is a direct product of having had to deal with his older brother for the past fifty years. Even the slightest mention of taking down JR once and for all was enough to send Bobby to the hospital. After everything JR has done, Bobby still loves him. Will the poor guy die before JR can admit it back?

Meanwhile, Rebecca was trying to bask in the glow of impending motherhood, but her faux-brother just wouldn’t leave her alone. He wanted Christopher’s key card to steal his energy tech plans on behalf of (we assume) Cliff Barnes, but Rebecca wasn’t willing to play the game anymore. She wisely decided to get a gun from her safe deposit box, and ended up having to use it when Faux-Bro came looking for a fight. We’re not sure yet who got shot, and I’m not even sure where to place my bet. It would be good to get rid of him, but so much more dramatic to wound a pregnant chick.

With only one episode of this season left, there’s still so many unexplored questions. What’s Anne’s big secret? Will she use it to get her ex-husband to stop blackmailing Sue Ellen? Will Sue Ellen ever make it to the governor’s mansion? Will JR do the right thing for once in his life and put family before business? Are Christopher and Elena totally over each other yet? Will John Ross revert to his old ways? Stay tuned…

What did you think of the episode? Let me know below!