Burn Notice “Reunion” Review – So Close and Yet So Far

Burn Notice (USA) Reunion

In this episode of Burn Notice, called “Reunion,” Michael has to learn how to live with the loss of his brother while starting on his journey towards revenge.

Because Nate’s death came right at the end of the episode, it wasn’t until I was watching tonight’s that I really came to terms with the implications of what that meant to Michael and the rest of his family (those who are family by blood and those who are family by love). If that bullet hadn’t come out of nowhere, or heck even if it had but Nate hadn’t been standing right there, think how different Michael’s life would be right now. After all, Anson – the man who orchestrated the entire crapfest that has been Michael’s life for the past few years – would be dead, Fiona would be out of prison and Michael would still be back at the agency. For Michael, that’s about as close to perfect as life can get.

But with one shot, that whole thing was taken away from him. Now he’s gone from hating one person to hating another. He may not have a face or a name for that person yet, but the hatred is still there. And I guess as a viewer, I should be happy that Michael’s life sucks. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be much of a show to watch. But still, it does break my heart to see just how close he came to getting everything that he wanted.

I knew that this episode wasn’t going to be an easy one to watch, seeing as how it was bound to include Nate’s funeral and Michael and his mother having to go through all that. Luckily those terrible moments didn’t come until the end and in between we were treated to what was essentially a pretty normal episode of Burn Notice, complete with fighting, gunshots, and wisecracks from both Sam and Jesse. But I knew that there was no way Rebecca could be the killer once they found her tracks so easily. So the question still remains – who killed Anson and Nate, and why?

My favorite bits..

Michael talking about how denying grief and loss and love can be dangerous, while he and Fi were sitting on the beach.

Fi thanking Michael for never giving up on her.

“Michael, all I wanted was to be by your side. I’m never leaving it again.”

I know I’m a wimp but Michael leaving that message for his mom brought on some tears. Just the way his voice broke when he said he was sorry….ugh.

The introduction to Sam’s Lady Friend, Elsa.

The way Jesse said “We have to hide??”

“Hiding from God knows who in a musty-ass room is exactly how I like to spend my lunch hour.”

Sam and Jesse playing Evan’s “team.”

Fi’s little smile while Michael was strapping her into the vest.

“Honey, it’s gonna be alright. He has donuts!” – That line made me laugh so hard for some reason.

“You may not be a diabetic, but you are one sick lady.”

“How’bout that, Fancy Britches!”

The guys finding out that the truck they stole wasn’t full of champagne so much as chemicals to make ecstasy. Oops.

Holy crap! Michael and Rebecca shooting each other in nearly the same spot. Good thing he had a vest on. Whew.

Nearly having a freaking heart attack when Jesse caught that bottle in the nick of time.

Michael bringing Mothra to fight with Godzilla. Brilliant.

Sam forcing Elsa and her son to sit in a room together, drink something awful, and talk.

Yep, I kind figured that it was too easy for Rebecca to be Anson and Nate’s killer.

The. Final. Two. Minutes….(sorry, unable to type any more than that due to too many tears).

What did you think of this episode of Burn Notice? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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