5 Reasons Why You Should be Watching Season 3 of Covert Affairs

Covert Affairs - Season 3

The third season of Covert Affairs literally started with a bang and it hasn’t let up since. I had a clue that something big was up when TV Equals was sent to visit the set of Suits (which films in the same studio in Toronto) and the Covert Affairs set was kept completely off limits. That was very different from the previous summer when we’d visited both sets on the same day. So I knew something was going on, but I had no clue what.

What the people at Covert Affairs were hiding was the fact that the show had gone through some huge changes and they didn’t want us to get any hints until the first episodes had aired. These days I’m used to getting spoiled on all my favorite shows and I’ve learned to live with it. After all you can’t do what I do and avoid spoilers completely. They’re like landmines in the entertainment journalist biz: they are everywhere.

Now that I’ve watched the first episodes of season 3, I really appreciate the effort they took. All those surprising moments, all the new characters and new situations – I got to see it live with the rest of world, which was fantastic.

So if you’ve been hearing about Covert Affairs and maybe stumbled across it in its first or second seasons but haven’t taken the effort to catch up on season 3 yet, I’m here to tell you why you should. It is a feat that I will attempt without revealing any spoilers and believe me, it’s not easy. If they gave out Olympic medals for this sort of thing I’d probably only have a bronze by now. But here goes…


Covert Affairs - Annie

For those of you who don’t know, Covert Affairs centers around the life of a CIA operative named Annie Walker. Seems like a simple enough premise, right? Well Annie (and the life she lives) is anything but simple. On any given day she may have to do things like protect a valuable CIA asset, kick the ass of an enemy spy trying to kill her, become a new person with a new identity, or even something as simple as check in to make sure her sister and her kids are doing okay.

This season they’ve upped the stakes with Annie. There’s more on her plate than ever before and even those things in her life that she thought she could count on (family, friends, her job) are in turmoil. Even her romantic life (which was pretty tumultuous in the first season) is going through some major issues. But through it all, Annie maintains her calm, which is something I admire more and more every episode.


Covert Affairs "The Last Thing You Should Do" Season 3 Episode 3

Once again, for those who don’t know, Auggie Anderson is a guy who works at the CIA with Annie, though he mostly stays inside the offices. He’s a former soldier who was blinded in battle but what I love about him most is the fact that he has never let his disability stop him from doing what needs to be done. When Annie first started at the agency, she and Auggie became best friends and he even taught her a few things about how to make it as an operative.

In the first couple seasons, though Auggie was around a lot and he definitely helped Annie quite a bit, he was pretty much relegated as a secondary character. But this season I’m very excited to see that he’s been brought front and (almost) center. Which doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s always tagging on to Annie’s missions though; Auggie has had more than a few adventures on his own, as well as his fair share of drama. As of this week’s episode he was left in a very difficult situation and I’m excited to see what happens with him next.

The Action

Covert Affairs

As mentioned earlier, Covert Affairs is about a spy which means that there are usually a lot of enemies to fight in any given episode. The action is top notch in this show, but what I like is that it doesn’t always revolve around weapons or explosions (even though, let’s face it, the explosions are pretty freaking awesome).

What I like is that the action can also come in unusual ways, as evidenced by this week’s episode where Annie ended up chasing (and fighting) a bad guy in a huge maze made out of bushes. Annie and the other characters on the show use their wits as well as their weapons, which makes the action that much more interesting to watch.

The Drama

Covert Affairs Hang on to Yourself Season 3 Episode 1

Within the action, the intrigue and yes, even some comedy, there is quite a bit of good drama happening on this show – especially now that we’ve gotten into the third season. In seasons one and two, a lot of the drama came from Annie’s own personal life, which was played out really well (thoughts of Ben still make me sigh), but rather limiting.

This season the drama has been spread out to include a lot more characters, as well as the agency itself. Like I said above, this season started with a bang and that bang not only took away a beloved character, it is continuing to have repercussions for everyone on Annie’s team. Every episode brings us a little closer to solving the mystery, but in such teeny bites that we’re still not sure what happened or why. It’s part of why I keep tuning in each week; just so I can find out more about what that’s all about.

The Romance

Covert Affairs Hang on to Yourself Season 3 Episode 1

In the earlier seasons of Covert Affairs, Annie had a couple of small romances as well as one major romance, but again all of these storylines basically revolved around her. Sure it was interesting to see how she would flirt her way into and out of situations, and then how she sometimes would find herself romantically involved with the men she’d flirted with; and sure I loved the main romantic storyline that wove its way throughout the season.

And while there is still a lot of that same stuff happening to Annie (flirting and sleeping with assets to get what she needs and then having to deal with the feelings that come with that), we’ve also seen some other romantic doors open up. Auggie has now been included in the romance, though not necessarily in the way you might expect. His story is connected to Annie’s and yet completely on its own and has brought on a lot more depth to him as a character.


So are you a new viewer who has now decided to run out and watch every episode of Covert Affairs? No? What are you waiting for?? Or are you a current viewer with opinions on why I like this season over last season? Sound off in the comments and let me know what you think. I love hearing from you guys!

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