Rizzoli & Isles “Home Town Glory” Review

I thought the fact that Maura convinced Jane to buy a purse and shoes was a pretty unexpected way to kick off this week’s episode of Rizzoli & Isles . . . until we saw Angela.

Recognizing that Lydia was struggling and in serious need of help, Angela decided to throw the mother-to-be a baby shower. Angela appeared to spare no expense as she’d accumulated quite an impressive spread for Lydia. Of course, Jane and Maura got called away to investigate a crime before they could clue Angela in on some very important missing details about Lydia.

This week’s crime was personal for the Rizzoli family. The victim, Shane, was not only a boy band member – he was one of Frankie’s good friends. Although I figured Shane was not doing drugs again, I was happy that Frankie’s faith in him was well deserved as evidenced by the results of his tox screen.

Back to Angela and the secret of Lydia’s pregnancy . . .

It turned out that Lydia had no idea which of the Rizzoli men fathered her unborn child. I guess we were supposed to find consolation in the fact that Lydia was absolutely certain that only Frank or Tommy could be the father. Okay. I loved Jane’s reaction. You may suspect you know all the facts but you’re still not prepared for your suspicions to be confirmed.

Lydia may not have known the identify of her child’s father but she knew exactly who Angela was she rear-ended her car. Wow. After hearing Frank rave about Angela’s great parenting skills, Lydia was determined to meet her so that she could learn from her. I had to rewind the scene several times just to confirm that’s actually what she said. So creepy and so odd. I loved Jane’s disgust at Maura and Lydia bonding over a store they both liked at the mall, which happened to be Lydia’s happy place.

As soon as Lydia promised not to tell Angela that she had slept with her son and ex-husband, the shocking reveal was imminent. It was only appropriate that the crap hit the fan during the shower. Angela put on quite the festive affair considering there were only four guests in attendance. My heart broke for her as she went from the joy of expecting a grandchild to the anger of realizing that Lydia was the woman that prompted Frank’s need for an annulment. Things got even worse for Angela once she realized that both Jane and Maura had been hiding the truth from her, or as Maura put it the two “avoided a specific set of facts.” The entire scene was so well acted.

I love Maura. I too felt horrible for Lydia when we saw the dire home situation to which she was returning. Who the hell is Jed?

Speaking of heartbreaking, it was pretty sad to learn that Shane’s brothers killed him to boost sales and make a quick buck. Thankfully, things ended up on a slightly brighter note as Angela decided to stick around at Maura’s instead of moving in with cousin Theresa and her dirty bathrooms. Was I the only one who got a little teary as Frankie, Jane and Maura gave Angela a much needed pep talk? So sweet.

Another great episode of Rizzoli & Isles! I can’t believe the season finale is a mere two weeks away and it looks like Maura is in trouble – again. What did you think of “Home Town Glory?” Sound off below!