Franklin & Bash “Waiting on a Friend” Review – Yay for Flashbacks!

Franklin & Bash Waiting on a Friend Season 2 Episode 9

In this episode of Franklin & Bash, called “Waiting on a Friend,” the boys find out that it’s not nearly as much fun being on the other side of the courtroom and we get a hilarious look into their past together.

When senior partner Tafflinger shows up in the office, everyone knows that someone is in trouble and soon we find out that the Franklin and Bash have been accused of misconduct by a previous client. Now we all know that Peter and Jared will do pretty much whatever it takes to win a case, but we also know that they would never do something that illegal. After Karp gets assigned to their case I was looking forward to seeing how they would all work together so I was kind of disappointed that he messed it up. Though his screw up did force the guys to handle it themselves, which was even better of course.

The most fun part of this episode was the fact that the interviews gave the characters a chance to talk about their pasts and us the chance to see how everyone met. Little Jared and Little Peter were so freaking cute together and I loved that they were just as naughty then as they are now. I also got a kick out of seeing how Pindar and Carmen came into their lives.

In the end, the boys whip out one of their famous defenses (and a couple of boobs) to prove their innocence, which – considering their history – was actually one of their tamer displays in the courtroom.

My favorite bits..

Best pratfall ever by Peter. I think this one actually beats the one where he fainted over that corpse’s head falling off last season. And yes, I totally rewound and watched this one over and over again, too.

“T-shirt cannon’s working.”

What?? Daniel Hardman is working at Infeld Daniels?? Oh wait, wrong show. My poor brain is hurting now. Same actor playing lawyers on two different shows? No fair.

Karp’s girly squeal when the t-shirt gun went off. Of course, I gave the same squeal too, but still.

Laughing harder and harder each time Infeld kicked yet another woman out of his bed.

Flashback to the boys as..well, boys. I just knew that they were going to play it that Peter was the short, chubby one and Jared the tall one. So adorable.

Being very happy that the boys’ history with trouble-making started from the very beginning.

The boys discussing getting matching tattoos. That, I would love to see.

“I’ll go, you’re busy.”
“Not so busy that I won’t do anything to protect Peter and Jared’s rights.” – Yeah! Go Infeld.

Wondering why Pindar would ever ask the boys to ask him questions while he’s on a lie detector. Of COURSE they would ask him ones that he would regret.

The boys figuring out a way to talk to Tammy…sort of.

“Microwave popcorn and power bars. I mean this is why everyone hates L.A.” – Ha!

Jared bribing Emily with Oreos.

“Is this why you went to law school? To bring down fellow lawyers?” – Nice!

Thinking that Pindar was going to maybe get the upper hand on Tafflinger. Yeah, guess I should’ve known better.

LOL! Flashback to college Peter, Jared and…Pindar?? Loved the long hair on the boys.

Peter and Jared breaking through Pindar’s lies immediately.

“You should probably say ‘ow.'”

Being rather disappointed that Karp gave the boys’ case over to a first year and kind of messed it up. Come on! He’s a better lawyer than that.

“Doesn’t apply to us, we were fools to begin with.”

“You haven’t asked whether we paid her off, either.”
“No, because I don’t have to.”

Finding out how the boys and Carmen started to work together.

“You’re not the only one who can do a background check, Mr. Tafflinger.”

Finding out that the boys got held in contempt just two days after they started practicing law. Is it wrong that I find that totally awesome? Peter in that kangaroo costume was classic.

I’m sorry, Jared’s real name is Elmo??? (is it wrong that I now have an overwhelming urge to write “he can tickle me anytime”?)

Peter tagging in for Jared. I like that they actually slapped hands as they walked by each other.

Peter figuring out the significance of Tammy’s tattoo.

Karp admitting that he would never intentionally tank the boys’ case..and them admitting that they never thought he did. Aw.

Infeld threatening to return fire if Tafflinger ever came after his people again. Can’t wait to see that.

The boys toasting their team. Aw.

Finding out that the boys’ coffee shop conversations started out when they were that young.

What did you think of this episode of Franklin & Bash? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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