Fan Favorite Ben Feldman to Return to ‘Drop Dead Diva’

Actor Ben Feldman came to be synonymous with his role of guardian angel Fred on the popular dramedy Drop Dead Diva, but when the series returned for its fourth season earlier this summer, Fred was only seen in two episodes before he left Jane (series lead Brooke Elliott) with a new guardian angel on her hands.

But fans can rejoice (literally!) because Feldman will be back in his fan favorite role for the show’s season finale, which is slated to air on Sunday, September 9.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the official logline for the finale is “viewers get a look into what Fred’s been up to since he left Earth. Now we find him back in Heaven in his old position of processing the new arrivals and naive Fred finds himself in a predicament similar to the one that brought him to Earth in the first place”.

Since leaving ‘Drop Dead Diva’, Feldman has appeared on the AMC award-winning drama ‘Mad Men’ and landed himself a sweet Emmy Nomination for his guest starring role of
Michael Ginsberg.

The next new episode of Drop Dead Diva will air on Lifetime this Sunday, August 5 at 9/8c. And, make sure to mark your calendars for September 9 when Ben Feldman will be back!