Covert Affairs “Speed of Life” Review – Trouble, Trouble Everywhere

Covert Affairs Speed of Life Season 3 Episode 4

In this episode of Covert Affairs, called “Speed of Life,” Annie and Auggie are in trouble, but not necessarily the same kind.

Annie spends a lot of her time in this episode doing what she always does – trying to be everything that everyone needs from her, but succeeding in spreading herself too thin. Things are going well with her mission with Simon, until they’re not and suddenly he’s in D.C., the FBI may end up snagging him before the CIA can get what they need from him and Annie of course is stuck in the middle. When it looked like her cover was blown for sure, Simon drives up out of nowhere and claims that he wants to be honest and tells her he likes her. There are two ways that I can take that and I still haven’t decided which is which. Either her cover isn’t blown after all and Simon was admitting that he liked the fake Annie; or he knows exactly who she is and was admitting he liked the real Annie. Depending on which scenario is true; her getting into that car could turn out to be one big mistake.

Meanwhile, Auggie is having troubles of his own and because Annie has a crisis with Simon, as well as a sister who is moving out of town, she can’t be there for him. Turns out my instincts about Parker were well founded and she decides that their whole relationship was a sham, thought not entirely for the reasons I thought she’d say that. It’s not just the CIA thing for her but also the circumstances that they met. I never realized just how much Auggie loved Parker until she walked out that door and he completely fell apart. Not just in his closet but later at the bar when he did the unthinkable and let his anger take over. I never thought I’d see Auggie lose control like that and it scared me a little.

So now both of my favorite characters are in situations that could end up being extremely bad, and we have to wait two weeks to find out what happens next. Talk about torture.

My favorite bits..

Thinking that Annie and Simon were living the perfect romance. I’d love to do all that stuff. Well except maybe for the running. The rest of it looked like fun, though.

More shirtless Auggie? Oh show, you know me so well.

Getting to see how Auggie picks out his shirts. Love learning how people in his position would do something that simple.

Auggie and Parker figuring out how to continue to be a couple after her read-in.

Annie giving Auggie a tackle hug when she saw him in the hallway. Aw.

Auggie knowing immediately that Danielle moving away would be a huge deal for Annie.

Simon calling Annie from D.C. Oh boy.

“There is no homecourt advantage when working a cover.”

Simon trying to claim he flew all the way to D.C. to give Annie some shampoo.

Annie doing some nifty texting without once looking at her phone.

Lena and the rest of the team setting up an apartment for Annie in two hours. Is there any way I can get a service like that? I think it would make moving so much easier.

“Nobody can afford that many shoes on a government salary.” Ha!

“We’re all spinning plates. One’s bound to drop, time to time.” – Story of my life.

“We need to talk.” – Ugh, poor Auggie. Four worst words in the English language.

Auggie completely breaking my heart with the way he was begging Parker not to leave him that night and not in that way.

Simon catching Annie going through his stuff. Eek. Thank goodness she knows how to talk her way out of situations like that. Whew.

Knowing that honking horn was a cab. Oh, poor Auggie. Him breaking down in the closet. Wow…just, wow.

Oh noes! Agent Rossabi in the same restaurant as Annie and Simon. Talk about awkward.

“Whatever you’re about to do, don’t say you’re sorry. I’ve had my fill of apologies today.”

Annie going after Mike O. As soon as I saw her running, I knew it was gonna be an awesome chase. Never expected the use of a maze though. Nice touch.

“I advise you to pay more attention to your surroundings. You might end up saying something to the wrong guy.”
“I give you the same advice.” – That is the first time ever on this show that Auggie has actually scared me. Thought he would just take the guy out with maybe a good punch, never expected him to pull out a bottle.

Annie finding out that Simon was playing her all along and that she was being sent back to the DPD. That’s what I call a rough day.

Annie’s message playing over Auggie get put into a patrol car. Ugh.

Annie walking into an empty house. Double ugh.

Practically cheering out loud when Danielle walked into the kitchen.

Annie and Danielle sharing one last tub of ice cream, with a spatula. So sweet.

“I’m going to resort in something I don’t traffic in too often. The truth.”

Annie getting into Simon’s car. Whoa.

What did you think of this episode of Covert Affairs? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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