White Collar “Parting Shots” Review – How Many Hits Can Neal Take?

White Collar

In tonight’s episode of White Collar, called “Parting Shots,” Peter manages to work his way out of the cave and Neal faces a heartbreak we hoped never would happen.

The episode begins with Peter still in the cave, but when an old case of his comes up again, he gets promoted to working as a consultant on it. That cracked me up to no end, seeing as how I said that Peter was only one step away from being Neal. Turns out he was two steps away – he was still missing Neal’s anklet after all.

Once again it was great seeing Neal and Peter working seamlessly together and how incredibly well they know each other after so many years. When Neal gets himself inadvertently kidnapped, it’s only Peter who is able to figure out the “code” that he leaves with Sophie. The fact that Peter’s boss noticed their connection and mentioned it as a bad thing; warning Peter that he might not recognize himself floored me. I realize I’m biased but I just don’t see the changes in Peter as a bad thing. He still does his job, he still catches the bad guys. Heck, if anything Neal has helped Peter improve his skills as an investigator.

Speaking of Neal, he mostly had a fun episode – running around in that trademark hat of his (and looking mighty fine in it if I may add), seducing a lovely widow and playing a huge part in catching a bad guy. Sure he has a few moments of seriousness – going to see Ellen again to ask about his father, having to break Sophie’s heart so that she’d get out of the car and be safe. Once again the show lulled me into a false sense of security so that when those final scary moments came, I didn’t suspect that something bad was going to happen until right before it did.

Now, when Ellen was wheeled into that ambulance she was in bad shape but no one said she was dead. So I felt like it was up in the air as to whether she lived or died. However, the preview for next week’s episode aired immediately after that scene on my cable station and it seemed to definitively answer that question. I won’t say it here in case people missed that preview, but I did find it a bit odd. Unless I’m just crazy and there was no doubt about her condition to everyone else but me.

Either way, whether she lives or dies this is going to be very hard on Neal. She’s like a mother to him and I know he won’t be able to handle her getting hurt. Also, it begs the question who found her and whether or not Neal might also be in danger, too.

My favorite bits..

“Counterfeit eyeballs, very Rat Pack.”

Mozzie finally meeting Ellen. Aw.

“Let me guess. Both of them are named Marshall.” – Hahaha! Is it just me or was that a nice little wink at “In Plain Sight.”?

The way that whole kidnapping scene played out. For a second there I thought they shot Neal again.

“They made you a consultant? Do you have a radius?”
“I have a badge.”

Neal Armstrong? Really Peter? Haha!

Peter getting the chance to watch Neal lose a tail. Kinda disappointed it was so easy for him though.

Mozzie trying to get info on what Neal was like as a kid.

“Talent like his is born, not made.”

Finding out all the things that Neal did to not be late to school. The most telling part of that story was that his mother was so messed up that little Neal had to do it at all. Poor kid.

“You came in with a suit-induced frown.”

Mozzie calling Neal “cheek bones.” – Ha!

Mozzie pulling out the oldest camera I think I’ve ever seen to act like a paparazzi.

Neal talking about how he went away from New York for a while but then “a friend helped me to get my life back.” – Aw.

FINALLY figuring out why Sophie looked familiar. She played “Lisa” on V. *facepalm*

“I think we found our widow of opportunity.” – Oh Peter, you slay me.

Neal making Sophie hate him, in order to save her life. And getting himself kidnapped in the process. Oh boy.

“Stop staring at me.”

Haha! And yet another nice nod, this time to Indiana Jones and his hatred of snakes. Still waiting for Peter to find the Ark of The Covenant.

Peter choosing to cross the line, in order to save Neal. Yes!

“My name is Neal Caffrey and I’m the best thing that ever happened to you.” – Okay, show of hands. Who else kinda wishes that the day would come when Neal would say those words to them?

“Careful Peter. I don’t want you to wake up one day and not recognize yourself.”

Peter getting reinstated. Woohoo!

Sarah admitting why Neal running away hit her especially hard.

Nearly having a heart attack when I saw those WITSEC agents were shot. No, not Ellen!

What did you think of this episode of White Collar? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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