The LA Complex “Choose Your Battles” Review – AKA It’s The Abby Show!

Choose Your Battles

I realized tonight as I was watching The LA Complex that there are very few characters on this show that I can honestly say I consistently enjoy. Raquel is always wonderful and rarely, if ever, annoys me or makes me wonder what the hell her motives are. Connor is just screwed up and lost, trying to make his way. And he has mommy issues which automatically gains him sympathy points.

Everyone else I can either take or leave, and I have to be honest, I’m ready to leave Abby in the dust. Nick was absolutely correct this week in “Choose Your Battles” when he basically yelled at her that, once again, a conversation that began talking about him morphed into the Abby hour.

The ridiculous drama is what makes The LA Complex such a great show, but Abby is getting just out of hand. She doesn’t come home for an entire night and refuses to explain to Nick what the situation was that caused it, and also doesn’t allow him time to vent his frustrations about his new job. This means that Nick (stupidly) omitted that he was actually in competition with Sabrina for the writer job, and when Abby finds out she is ticked. And that’s where the “it’s the Abby show!” comes into play. Even as Nick is attempting to explain why he didn’t tell her about Sabrina, Abby steers the conversation right back to her TV show.

Oh, and she moves out.

Meanwhile, King is on a publicity tour through the city and is having a bit of mental breakdown, and consistently sees Tariq everywhere. Apparently lying about yourself and attempting to hide who you are isn’t really a great idea, even when trying to maintain an image. There are some majorly awkward moments between King and several random people in the episode, including (but not limited to) a phone call on a radio show from a disembodied voice that sounded exactly like Jigsaw from the SAW films.

Unknown voice even asked King if he was ready for redemption and to meet him at the mission house if he was. Don’t do it, King! It’s a trap!

Simon and Beth are struggling with agents that don’t appreciate being stiffed on their head shot money, and Beth takes matters into her own hands and starts booking Simon auditions. In a twist that is shocking to no one, except apparently Beth, Simon does not land the first gig he auditions for. Instead of being upset about it, Simon takes on the adult role in the sibling relationship and explains to his sister that this is going to be a long term process.

Ya think, kid?

Moving onto the people that I actually enjoy in The LA Complex. Connor has succeeded in getting Raquel a guest spot on his show, and the two of them have wonderful chemistry together. Both off and on screen… until Jennifer comes around.

Playing up the “Connor is my b/f” card, Jennifer gets him a birthday cake on set, and gets a little snarky when Raquel mentions that she had no idea it was Connor’s birthday. Granted, Jennifer has a point – why would Raquel, this random guest star, have any idea about this guy’s birthday?

But knowing the story, it’s infuriating seeing Raquel open up and not be able to be open and honest about her feelings for Connor. I don’t care that she told him to go through with this plan, or that they still are together when he and Jennifer aren’t posing for paparazzi photo ops, it’s incredibly frustrating.

I just want Raquel to be happy, okay?!

Regardless, this trio is by far the best part of The LA Complex this week. Hopefully it will be less about Abby and more about Nick next week, and maybe Raquel will actually come clean to Connor about the pregnancy.

… But probably not.

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