Teen Wolf “Fury” Review

Are you still reeling from this week’s Teen Wolf? I sure am! With so much action, I’m sure this review will not fully do justice to episode’s greatness. Rather than rehash every detail, most of which had me on the edge of my seat the entire time, I’ll try to look at our favorite (and not-so favorite) characters and tell you where things stand after the great showdown at the Beacon Hills police station.


Although I feel sympathy for Allison losing her crazy mother, I have no sadness about her actual death. Well, I’m kind of sad to lose Eaddy Mays from the show as she proved to be a great actress and an expert at the crazy eyes.

Unfortunately, Allison’s grief has left her vulnerable to her grandfather’s manipulations. After reading a letter from her mother with the Argent family spin on the truth, Allison put on her most bad ass black clothes, grabbed her bow and arrow along with a few knives and proclaimed Derek as Argent enemy number 1.

I’m all for bad ass Allison but not when she’s trying to kill people (especially my beloved, gloomy Alpha) for all the wrong reasons. I trust that the circumstances of her mother’s bite will eventually be revealed.


We only got Stiles in bits and pieces, which were at times paralytic, but those bit and pieces did not disappoint. Stiles, with the assistance of his father’s trust in Scott, finally convinced his dad that Matt was setting up Mr. Harris to look like the murderer. I could name so many reasons why I love Stiles but this week, I’ll limit it to the fact that he’s been telling everyone for several weeks now that something about Matt was off.

The hostage situation created by Matt (more on that below) was rough on everyone, especially Stiles. He had a gun shoved in his face and watched Matt threaten the lives of his father, best friend and best friend’s mother. Thanks to Kanima Jackson, Stiles had to helplessly watch some of this madness transpire as he was paralyzed by the clear goo. You can make him immobile but you can’t take away that humor and wit. I love that Teen Wolf gave us a little fan service with the “Sterek” paralyzed bonding and crap talking.


Oh Derek. Thanks to Dr. Deaton, Derek woke up from his full moon encounter with Lydia and Peter safe and sound – for now. We learned a little more about the vet this week as he revealed that he was a family friend/adviser to the Hales and promised Derek’s mother he would look after him. I thought that was really sweet – Derek needs a good friend. I also couldn’t help but wonder, where the hell have you been all this time?

Deaton implored Derek to be cautious of Peter, who is not physically 100% but always in for a good mind screw – just ask Lydia. More importantly, Deaton has known Gerald for a long time and knows that gramps is up to something diabolical. He told Derek that he could be the alpha he thinks he is if he would learn to trust people. Unfortunately, the person Derek needs most doesn’t trust him – Scott. More on trust and Scott later.

Derek made it out of this episode alive but things are not looking good for him as we enter the last two episodes of the season.


Oh Matt, we hardly knew ye. In a riveting, dark, disturbing revelation we learned that Matt stumbled upon his kanima mastery. Long story short, the 2006 swim team threw young Matt in the pool and ignored his cries for help as he was drowning. Isaac’s dad finally saved him and had the nerve to blame Matt for nearly dying instead of the drunken swim team members that threw him in the pool and ignored his pleas for his life. Everyone involved seemed to forget about the traumatic incident – except Matt. His anger, a few images or thoughts of those involved in the pool incident and a little supernatural magic bonded him with the kanima. The hatred literally consumed Matt as he was beginning to turn into a kanima himself.

Thanks to power hungry, evil Gerald, Matt is at peace now – we hope. Unfortunately, killing Matt made Gerald the kanima’s new master. Derek and his pack should seriously consider relocating somewhere.

In other news, we watched Allison shoot an arrow in the kanima’s head and stab it twice to no avail. Seriously, how do you kill a kanima? Jackson was in most of the episode and didn’t utter a single word, he just walked around in a robotic, murderous state. I’m not sure if you can eliminate the kanima and save Jackson. If it is possible, I’m guessing Lydia (who was notably absent this week) and her immunity will be key.


Scott may have had the worst night of all of Matt’s captors at the police station. As someone who considers themselves personally responsible for everyone’s safety, the hostage situation had to have been his worst nightmare as everyone he loved was in peril. Unfortunately, some of that danger was brought by his girlfriend and her crazy ass family who decided to blindly shoot into a building without any sense of who was inside. Nice going Argents. I guess if I want a code, I need to watch reruns of The Wire.

Still reeling from the loss of her mother and out for blood, Allison wanted nothing to do with him. If that wasn’t bad enough, Scott’s mom now knows that he is a werewolf and she did not handle it well. I’m not sure how to read her reaction. She looked horrified but I’m not sure if it was because she was in shock or because she’s run into a werewolf or two in the past.

I felt so terrible for Scott but I got a pretty good chuckle at Matt’s frustration with him when he tried to explain Greek mythology. If Scott passes to the next grade in the new season, I’m declaring serious shenanigans.

The Plot Thickens . . .

As the episode concluded, things got even more interesting. Peter Hale is pretty bad ass as far as bad asses go on Teen Wolf but he looked genuinely afraid when he saw Gerald become the kanima’s master. Deaton seemed to suggest that Gerald may have also had a hand in Peter’s “resurrection” but I’ll bet he didn’t share any details about his plot to control the kanima. “Confluence of events” my ass, Gerald. The look on Peter’s face gave me hope that he’ll hold off on making Derek’s life hell and realize that his first priority is destroying Gerald. Seems to me if someone could just get those pills from him things could get a little interesting.

Derek needs someone and it doesn’t look like that person will be Scott for now. Of all of the night’s revelations, the biggest may have been that Scott joined Derek’s pack at Gerald’s direction and fed him information. Derek and Allison really need to be told about the threats made by Victoria and Gerald. We can only hope the truth comes out before the season ends.

I can’t wait for Monday but knowing that we only have two episodes left is nothing short of bittersweet.

What did you think of this week’s episode of Teen Wolf? Sound off below!

  • Anonymous

    I totally agree and I totally appreciate how after all of this we know about Scott that even technically betraying everyone, we end up feeling horrible for him.  I can only hope that Derek really heard Dr. Deaton’s message and treats Scott like his little brother who messed up and not a Judas, afterall he has complained recently that Scott feels this need to protect everyone.  He was even trying to get Derek to forget about the Kanima by leaving it to the Argents, one could argue he was trying to protect Derek and the pack at that point in time by taking them out of the line of fire so his betrayal wouldn’t matter.  I especially think it is important that Derek takes on that big brother role with Scott because I have this sneaking suspicion that Mr. McCall might be a bad guy (and would explain Melissa’s reactions) and Scott will need the pack more than he every anticipated.  I had this random thought today…what if Scott is actually a Hale?  Like Melissa was wife number 2, McCall is her last name, but husband first fathered Derek and Laura, and Melissa was trying to prevent Scott from every turning and that might have actually been why Peter chose Scott that night in the woods, he recognized that Scott has the werewolf gene and would be a stronger wolf than one merely bitten.

    • Ooooooh Kate.  You’re not an Argent are you?  😉  I like your theories.  I’ve been waiting for the long lost Hale family member reveal since season 1!  I thought it would be Jackson but that seems unlikely given what we know about his parents now. 

      I’m sure that Derek will be angry at Scott but I hope he doesn’t share his discontent with his pack.  They are still a bit unruly and honestly, they have WAY bigger concerns than whether or not Scott lied to Derek.  I hope Derek will also remember that he lured Scott into a trap or two last season because of Peter. 

      I think Daddy McCall will be on the scene soon too.  It would be really interesting if him being a shifter of some sort is why Melissa wanted to get away from him.  It would be a nice way to learn more about Scott without it being connected to Allison.  I don’t see the two of them getting back to normal any time soon.

      Despite my frustration that no one shares information on this show, I still love it.  Somehow they manage to make it work.  I can’t wait for the next two episodes.  If they managed to make me sad about Gerald drowning Matt, I know that the death of someone we may actually like will probably bring on the tears.  If it is Stiles or Derek, I may have to start a riot at MTV.  

      • Anonymous

        Nope, my heritage is entirely Irish, so unless banshees, witches, leprechauns or the fae come into play there is no chance of anything being awakened in me :).  I just had the thought after the episode about an interview I had watched with Jeff Davis and he said the big bad would be introduced in the season finale and based on what we know of Scott, I could see him deciding that going back to live with his father might protect everyone and even if Scott changes his mind, his father might show up anyway to see what is going on.  Then I started thinking about the whole conversation that Peter had with Stiles when he offered him the bite, yes, we all know Scott was conveniently in the woods alone after Stiles had to leave with his father, but Peter did imply that he had chosen Scott and could have chosen Stiles.  I just wonder, he isn’t Derek, why would he choose the asthmatic kid who clearly is a sidekick to Stiles and was kind of whining the whole trek into the woods if there wasn’t a clear assurance he would be creating a strong wolf to join his pack.  This could be a total red herring just like my first theory about Lydia’s delusion this season of young Peter, I understood that theory but I think I really liked their chemistry and so I was holding onto the idea that he might have been Peter’s son.

        I too would be very upset if they did anything really bad to Stiles (though, while I love Stiles and Dylan O’Brien rocks, occasionally, Stiles is a bit of a judgmentmental jerk and honestly I think that is what we like the most between him and Lydia, she calls him on his crap) or Derek (or Scott or Alison or Lydia).  I think a likely person to meet his maker might be Jackson (and while we were surprisingly upset over Matt’s murder, I can guess we will be sobbing about Jackson’s) or Gerard (just because the real bad guy has to die doesn’t he?)