Supernatural Chat – Scariest Moments Of The Show

Supernatural, scariest moments

Happy Tuesday, Supernatural fans! How is everyone surviving this hellish weather? At least, it’s hellish where I’m writing from – my air conditioning hasn’t been turned off for the last month! But we’re not here to discuss the weather, are we? Nope! We’re here for your weekly dose of Supernatural Chat!

I was scrolling through Tumblr the other day when a Supernatural confession about about the episode “Bloody Mary” caught my eye. The person wrote in that the “Bloody Mary” tale has scared her since she was a child and when she saw the Supernatural episode about that legend, she had nightmares for days.

That made me ponder the scarier moments of Supernatural and how I reacted to them, and I thought I’d be fun to share those thoughts with you and get your feedback as well! Now, something that’s scary to one person may not be scary to the other, so all of this is relative and you guys can’t make fun of me for what I’m afraid of. It takes a lot to scare me, but the things that do, terrify me. And a lot of the fears are totally, completely irrational. But here we go!

The scariest Supernatural moments in no particular order:

Doc Benton “Time Is on My Side”

supernatural, time is on my side

Here’s the thing about me: doctors scare the crap out of me. Needles, stitches, the general practice of medicine just… *shudder* no thank you. I had stitches after an operation and would almost pass out each time I looked at the scars. So the fact that this Doctor is made up of bodies parts sewn together was pretty much my worst nightmare come to life and staring at me from a TV screen… Oh, and he was going to gouge out Sam’s eyeball to boot.

What. The. Hell.

No, thank you. I’d rather run into any number of creatures the Winchester boys have faced that that one Doctor.

Bloody Mary

Supernatural, Bloody Mary

That Supernatural confession wasn’t joking around when she mentioned that “Bloody Mary” was scary. When you were a kid, who hasn’t didn’t try to summon her in the mirror (except for me, I knew better. I believed in this stuff even at age 7)? And then Supernatural just took it to the a really scary place when Mary decided to crawl through her mirror in a very Japanese horror sort of way.

It was the first episode my roommate watched with me and it had her so freaked out I had to convince her not all episodes were quite that terrifying.


supernatural, asylum

What about the creepy ghosts of the patients in “Asylum”? The hospital setting alone is freaky enough, but add in a bunch of crazed ghosts that were given shock therapy and other horrible things, and that’s just a recipe for disaster. And a terrifying episode.

Also, remember the girl, Kat? The one that had to let the ghost actually talk to her and pretend not to be scared? Kudos to that girl, man… I would’ve clawed my way through the walls go get away from that spirit.

And I fancy myself pretty brave.

Family Remains

supernatural, family remains

All I’m gonna say is this: she crossed the salt line.

That’s not supposed to happen.


supernatural, scarecrow

This is another one that’s probably specific to me, but good lord, does “Scarecrow” freak me out to this day. I can’t handle the inanimate object moving on it’s own to kill people that are sacrifices to a pagan god thing. Granted, I have a major problem when anything with pagan gods come into play, but that scarecrow was, well, scary.

Terrifying, actually. And when he jumps off his little perch to come after his victims? Not. So. Much.


Okay, so there are five Supernatural moments that scare the bejeesus out of me to this day. What are yours? Spill in the comments below!

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