Perception “Cipher” Review – What is a Conscience?

Perception (TNT) Cipher Episode 4

I’d grown accustomed to Perception opening with Pierce’s (Eric McCormack) classroom lectures. I was surprised at how much I missed that opening scene, but once Lewicki and Pierce started interacting with each other and Lewicki went “on strike” because of Pierce’s behavior I was okay with the lack of lecturing. Lewicki is actually the person that brings the new case into Pierce’s life, and this time it’s the professor running to Kate (Rachael Leigh Cook) instead of Kate seeking him out.

Pierce’s hallucinations begin right away as he notices a code (or, if we want to be fancy and call it by the episode title, a “Cipher”) in a letter to the newspaper editor. Cary Elwes guest stars as Pierce’s helper hallucination for this episode of Perception, and his English accent made me really, really, really want to watch The Princess Bride.

In addition to Elwes, Neal McDonough (of Justified) also steps in as a guest star which, not gonna lie, made me squeal like a fangirl.

The case was actually pretty interesting this week, and I liked the way that the writers broke away from the template that the first three episodes have followed with Moretti seeking out Pierce, Piece putting together the case with very little help from Moretti, and did I mention that the guest stars were awesome?

Another piece that I really enjoyed about Perception was the way that Pierce actually related to the suspect. It’s interesting to see him sympathize with these characters and how he has the ability to get into their heads. He can make the audience understand exactly how and why these people are capable of performing these crimes, and also earn our sympathy (sometimes).

McCormack and Cook continue to work brilliantly with each other and Kelly Rowan is, as always, fantastic as Pierce’s BFF.

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