5 TV Characters Who Need A Hug

characters who need a hug

Television writers like to make our favorite characters hurt. It’s just good business. The more they hurt, the more drama it creates and the more emotionally invested we viewers become. It’s that emotional investment bit that does us in though. We care about the fates of those lovely fictional people that appear on our screens every week. We can’t not. We watch them fall in love, get the job of their dreams and save the world from one apocalypse after another only to then have their hearts broken, their dream job turn into a nightmare and the world-saving to go topsy-turvy.

The only rational response to this level of turmoil is to offer up a much deserved hug to the beleaguered characters whose misery entertains and distresses us in equal measure.

1. Elena Gilbert– The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Finale The Departed (5)

The girl who once poignantly proclaimed she never wanted to be a vampire is now a vampire. That’s a twisted emotional sucker punch if I’ve ever seen one, and it surely entitles Elena to cash in one of those corny “I need a hug” coupons even if the hugger will be taking a risk themselves if they still have a pulse (that transition period is sure to be a doozy).

Her current undead state is just the latest in a long line of horrible things that have befallen Elena who has, over the course of three seasons, lost two sets of parents and a caregiver, watched several of her friends get turned into monsters, had the fate of the world more or less rest on her shoulders and had to deal with her perfect vampire boyfriend going all darkside. Also, did I mention she just turned eighteen? Because she just turned eighteen.

The line to hug Elena starts here.

2. John Watson– Sherlock

John Watson

If watching John watch his best friend seemingly leap to his death didn’t leave you with the impulse to hug your television in the hopes that he might somehow feel your long-distance support then we clearly respond to things very differently. And also, you might be a cylon.

3. Jesse Pinkman– Breaking Bad

BREAKING BAD Crawl Space Season 4 Episode 11 (3)

Poor, sweet Jesse. His life has been on a downward spiral since Walter White reentered it and yet he still has faith in the man because what Jesse wants more than anything else is to be needed and valued, and Mr. White, his former teacher, gives him that–when it suits his needs.

More than any other character on this list, Jesse is a heartbreaker. Somehow despite everything he’s been through he has maintained his humanity and that spark of innocence that allows him to be impressed by little things like the wonder magnets. Even more than I want to hug him, I want to protect him, or at least dispatch Mike to do it for me.

4. Amy Pond– Doctor Who

DOCTOR WHO "The Girl Who Waited" Season 6 Episode 10 (5)

Amy’s life has been rewritten so many times now that I’ve lost count and every new iteration brings some new trauma. One week her boyfriend is blipped out of existence and the next she discovers her baby is an adult woman who she will never have the opportunity to be a real mother to. And let’s not forget the time she spent decades alone lost in an alternate universe becoming a hardened warrior woman. It’s not like things ever go smoothly for any of the Doctor’s companions, but it seems like Amy has had an extra hard time of it. At least she has a Rory to lean on… until Stephen Moffat kills him. Again.

5. Dean Winchester– Supernatural

Supernatural Season Finale 2012 Survival of the Fittest (8)

Truthfully, Sam and Castiel are in need of hugs just as much as Dean is and being a Sam girl myself, I’m more inclined to hug the younger Winchester than the elder one, but just this once I’m giving the edge to Dean. The once mischievous, pie-loving Dean has a reached a level of world-weariness that is only appropriate for a ninety-year-old who has lived through a handful of wars, depressions and innumerable boy bands, or a hunter who has watched his entire family die on more than one occasion and done a stint in Hell.

Luckily, or okay, unluckily for Dean, he falls into the latter category. To put it mildly, the guy hasn’t had it easy. The wear and tear on his psyche is starting to show in a big way and given how down he was last season, I can only imagine what he’ll be like now that he’s stuck in purgatory. I predict the guy is going to need a lot of hugs–and copious amounts of pie–to make it through season eight.


Which characters do you think are most in need of a hug? Sound off in the comments!

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