True Blood “Somebody That I Used to Know” Review

This week’s episode of True Blood picked up with Sam, Luna and the newly captured supe hunter. I can’t believe Sam didn’t kill him! Sam is right up there with Sookie when it comes to being a well-intentioned angel of death. Using Kevin as Luna’s security was even less encouraging. Had anyone else forgotten that Luna was a “skin walker” until she shifted into Sam? I certainly did. So many stories/backgrounds to keep up with, so little time.

Fresh off of their bead-wearing, blood-feasting Mardi Gras, the nu-Authority returned to their headquarters to plot their next steps for world dominance. I’m convinced that Lilith’s blood is the vampire equivalent of bath salts. As the vampires reveled in their bloodthirsty frolic, we got another peek into Bill’s past. How adorable was he in 1910? That flashback was a heart breaker. Bill has some serious internal conflict and a need to believe in something that I fear will leave him vulnerable to the crazy cult of Lilith. Even worse, it looks like the bromance with Eric is officially dunzo.

I now look forward to someone driving a stake through Salome as much as I anticipated the return of Russell Edington. Correction. I look forward to watching both Salome and Nora’s crazy asses meet the true death and hope that it happens this season. Bill, you may want to remember what Salome did with her last lover/partner before snuggling up with her and her human snacks.

Question, what happens when these junkies run out of Lilith’s bath salts blood? There appears to be a very small, finite supply.

Hoyt and the Bon Temps Hillbillies . . .

These guys are certainly not the loveable, funny, black-gold discovering Beverly Hillbillies. As a southerner, I object to the horrible excuse for accents used during these scenes. That along with the annoying, reductive story line and discolored Obama masks, lead me to new levels of hatred for the time wasted on this crap each week. For what it’s worth, it’s pretty clear the “grand wizard” is Maxine Fortenberry. That could be interesting but not nearly worth the time spent on the build up.

Speaking of other story lines I wish I could speed through at rapid, vampire-like pace . . .

I want to know who killed Sookie’s parents but I don’t want to go through the labor of watching it unfold. Albert Einstein was half-fairy, like Sookie? Did I hear that correctly?

Lone Wolf No More . . .

Alcide may not be pack master but he is officially off the werewolf singles market as he has gained a girlfriend in his number two. Dear Sookie, to quote Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, “big mistake.”

Other thoughts about this week’s episode of True Blood . . .

I love when Sookie and Jason bond. Seriously, I do.

Funniest moment of the night, watching Luna as Sam do a sassy walk past Kevin as his butt flapped in the wind. Great acting job by Sam Trammell. Admittedly, I almost turned the channel as Sam leaned in to kiss himself.

Second funniest moment of the night, the vampire with the deformed face giving a foot rub to Rosalyn.

Funniest line of the night – just about anything Lafayette said to Arlene and Holly when they approached him about helping Terry. “He’s off his meds, ciao bitches!”

Although it is obvious, it must be said – Pam has officially surpassed Eric as the best maker ever! The evolution of her relationship with Tara has been really great to watch.

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