Travel to Albuquerque and Take the Breaking Bad Tour

There is no debating the cultural reach of Breaking Bad. It has become part of the national conversation among television viewers. Along with Mad Men, it cemented AMC’s status as a place of premium television. (A status they keep threatening to lose. I’m looking at you, Hell on Wheels.) Whatever Breaking Bad touches is bolstered by Breaking Bad’s considerable might.

The latest beneficiary of Breaking Bad’s largess is the Albuquerque tourism business. According to the USA Today’s Travel section, people are starting to visit the New Mexico city to get a glimpse of the places that Walt and Jessie have visited in the life of the series. One local tour operator sold out all seven of their departures for a tour timed to match the show’s season premiere.

The most amusing part of this story is that the city was originally upset by having their city portrayed in a show with such dark tones. What about now you ask? “This unexpected new visitor market is definitely a pleasant surprise, and we will soon be marketing it more aggressively” says Dale Lockett, the head of the Albuquerque Convention and Visitors Bureau. Shoutout to Dale Lockett for winning the Understatement of the Month Award.

There’s no word yet on what the Heisenberg Special at the car wash entails.