Alphas’ Malik Yoba Talks Season 2, The Challenges of Playing Bill & His Own Alpha Ability

Alphas' Malik Yoba

Alphas has started their second season off in a huge way, and Malik Yoba, who plays Bill Harken, was on hand to tell TV Equals all about the new season during a conference call. Yoba talks about the awesome start to Season Two, the possibility of a Bill-centric arc, Yoba’s own Alpha talent and more.

Season Two will be action-packed and tension-filled

Yoba said that the goal of this season was “to try to start it with a bang, literally.”

“Yes, there’s some good action coming up [this season],” said Yoba. “I get beat up quite a few times, which I don’t really appreciate… The good thing is I can always – I just look at the production manager and go, ‘Please schedule a massage for tomorrow.’”

Bill is also in a tough place mentally, due to the alienation Dr. Rosen has caused between himself and the Alphas.

“I think Bill is definitely – and this happens throughout the season, I think you know, we start off where I feel like, you know, we’ve been lied to, or just the whole truth wasn’t told. And so over the first few episodes you’re definitely going to get some of that tension between Rosen and Harken,” he said. “And it’ll – yes, it’s – there’s a couple good moments with David and I where we get to deal with that stuff so. Bill is – Bill…as we said in the premiere that for the last eight months he’s, you know, he stayed on the job…because that’s all he really can do and wants to do. And so… he begins to question, you know, where Rosen’s head is at and why he does what he does. I think that that’s some of the conflict that we’ll definitely see in Season Two.”

Could Bill have his own episode?

Currently, Alphas is still in production, but Yoba was able to give Bill fans a bit of hope of seeing their favorite character get an episode or an arc solely dedicated to him.

“Not – yes, I don’t know why I was saying no. We’re on [episode] 13 right now so it’s been a while,” he said. “But yes, I think the season actually kind of opens [as] Bill-centric, at least certainly for the first couple episodes, I think that the Bill storyline, we kind of get right into where Bill’s at, where we left him and where he is now and…what state he’s in. Without giving away too much, I was definitely like, “What, really? All right,” that kind of thing. But yes, it’s been good. It’s been good though.”

The challenges of playing Bill

There are difficulties to playing any character, but for Yoba, the physicality of playing Bill takes a toll.

“I had an experience that I never had before on set where I turned to Warren Christie’s character [Cameron Hicks] one day – not his character, but to Warren, we were shooting the episode that I think is number three, where Bill goes into a fight club,” said Yoba. “And I had like three fight scenes in a week, more in two days or something like that, during a week of shooting. It was very, very physical and I remember, and I was really tired and I turned Warren and I was like, ‘Dude, I think I’m going to cry right now.’ So like there was a literal physical challenge for me. But it’s great because I am 45 and you know, I work hard to stay fit. And so the physical challenges are there. I think that’s probably it.”

Yoba’s relationship with Azita Ghanizada

“I hate her. I absolutely hate her, can’t stand her,” Yoba joked about his co-star Azita Ghanizada, who plays Rachel Pirzad. “No, Azita’s like my little sister twin kind of thing. She does like to have fun…She’s just fun to watch.”

Yoba talked about how the background behind Ghanizada’s career impressed him. “[S]he grew up, you know, as an immigrant kid from Afghanistan watching television, wanting to like just be entertained and wanting to be a part of it. And so I love watching the fact that as an Afghan woman, she gets to actually live out her dream and work on being a little starlet,” he said.

Yoba’s real Alpha ability

During the roundtable conference, Yoba revealed his own Alpha talent—psychic intuition. Without any provocation, Yoba asked one of the interviewers present when his birthday is, and correctly predicted that his birthday was in September. “I felt that man,” Yoba said after the interviewer said his birth date, saying his own birthday was a week before the inerviewer’s. “I’m pretty intuitive around certain things. I’m just, you know, it’s kind of crazy.”

Season Two of Alphas continues every Monday at 10/9c on SyFy.

(Photo by: Frank Ockenfels/Syfy)