7 Fictional Characters That Should Have Their Own Cooking Show

Rizzoli & Isles, White Collar, Common Law, Royal Pains, NCIS, Fringe

There are many cooking shows on TV. They cover the full gamut, from elegant cooking for guests, to trapping your own wild exotic game and cooking it over a campfire. For the most part, these folks are professional cooks or have some other hook explaining why they were given a cooking show.

Recently I was inspired while watching one of my favorite shows, and started thinking about which characters on the shows I watch had the skills to have their very own cooking show on TV. Please see if you agree with my list!

Walter Bishop – Fringe

Walter and Peter Bishop - Fringe

Walter is such an interesting character. He is part mad scientist, part child, part totally incomprehensible. Yes, he has his darker side, but more recently he has been trying to make amends for what he did in the past.

Walter loves to cook. Heck, he loves food – all types – and loves to experiment with food. His obsession with food stems from his time in the mental hospital, where the food was not exactly palatable. He is now doing all that he can to make up for lost time. He will make breakfast for anyone that is around in the morning before heading off to the lab. In fact, his blueberry pancakes are a specialty!

Just one caveat, though, his show might need to be on an adult channel, since he does seem to enjoy cooking in the buff. But, never mind, you can probably get him to wear a fun apron and solve that problem!

Angela Rizzoli – Rizzoli and Isles

Angela Rizzoli - Rizzoli & Isles

Two words – bunny pancakes! My Italian grandmother used to make me animal shaped pancakes, and every child should have someone to do that for them. Angela reminds me of my grandmother and also my mom and dad. I would bet that she does not follow a recipe, at least not one that is written down, when she cooks.

Of course her skills go beyond those cute breakfast staples, and her arrangement of food is always very artistic, especially when she is making breakfast in the police department café for the captain. Her show would offer tips on creative arrangements as well as cooking.

Maura Isles – Rizzoli and Isles

Maura Isles - Rizzoli & Isles

Maura is a very sophisticated, well educated woman. Raised in a wealthy family, she lacked for nothing, and her tastes and style reflect that fact. Her home is meticulous, elegant and neat, including her kitchen.

Her dinner parties are totally elegant, with food you would find on the menu at the most expensive restaurants. Therefore, I think her show would feature only the finest cuisine. I like to think of her show as a hybrid of Julia Child and Martha Stewart.

Wes Mitchell – Common Law

Wes Mitchell - Common Law

This new program features two detectives that are partners but squabble constantly. They make a great team as detectives, and are very successful at their work, but on a personal level, well, not so much. Wes could easily be described as obsessive-compulsive.

I am going to go out on a limb here and project what Wes’s kitchen looks like, based on what we know of the character. I think it is very neat and orderly, with everything in its place. I also think that he cooks from a recipe, following it exactly – no improvising for this dude. And, it works for him. He is a fabulous cook – to the point of his partner, Travis, stealing the dinner he had prepared for himself while his back was turned.

Tobias Fornell – NCIS

Fornell and Gibbs - NCIS

Gibbs and Fornell have a complicated, prickly relationship. For example, Fornell married one of Gibbs’ ex-wives. Gibbs works for NCIS, Fornell for the FBI. Frequently there is tension between the two agencies on the program. But, we see their true friendship when they go into the elevator to talk in private.

It is so funny when they sometimes behave like an “old married couple.” We discovered in one episode that Fornell is a pretty good cook when Gibbs comes home to find Tobias in the kitchen cooking an Italian meal. I am not sure what form his cooking show would take, but you can be sure it would be interesting!

Paige Collins – Royal Pains

Paige Collins - Royal Pains

Paige is another character that is wealthy. She is also Evan’s fiancée, and they make such a cute couple! In the course of her attempting to help him succeed with HankMed, she has shown us that not only is she a good cook, but also is a champ at event planning, having lots of experience apparently arranging events for her parents.

As for her cooking, well her flourless muffins were enough of a distraction, along with other things, to cause a HankMed staff meeting to end early. I think her cooking show would not only offer cooking advice, but also could help you with party organization tips and decorating.

Peter Burke – White Collar

Neal Caffey and Peter Burke - White Collar

Peter is an extraordinary FBI agent. And, in what seems to be a rarity for TV, he and his wife are in a long term happy marriage. While it is not clear exactly how often he is home for dinner, considering his job, he does sometimes cook for his wife, Elizabeth.

While we don’t know how often Peter cooks, he has mentioned that his pot roast is to die for! I will make a broad leap of assumption, and conclude that anyone that can make a great pot roast must be a good cook, since pot roast can be a tricky cut of meat to prepare. And, as an added bonus, Peter could get his consultant, Neal Caffrey, to come on the show and demonstrate some of his favorite recipes, since he also seems to have a talent for cooking. Seeing both of them in an apron is just too cute for words.


Do you have any other favorite characters that deserve a cooking show on TV? Do you have thoughts on my choices? Please let me know what you are thinking in the comment section below!