Political Animals “The Woman Problem” Review – Who is Playing Whom?

Political Animals The Woman Problem Episode 3

In this episode of Political Animals, called “The Woman Problem,” it was hard to know just who was playing whom and what to believe was true.

Garcetti comes up with what I’m sure he thinks is an ingenious plan: ask the current Supreme Court Justice to step down so that he can put Elaine in her place. This of course ensures that Elaine can’t run against him in the next primary, or forces her to play her hand and admit that she’s planning on running. I thought it might work, but I guess Garcetti didn’t count on Diane being close enough with Elaine to hold her ground and refuse to be taken off of her post, waiting instead until Elaine is president.

Meanwhile we find out more about Elaine’s previous run at the presidency and get a look at a few more things that Bud apparently did to ruin her chances. Doug is still adamant that the whole thing can’t work, even when Bud drags him and TJ up to visit an old friend who also happens to be top notch pollster. A lot of truth comes out on that trip; things that surprised me, including the fact that Doug and Anne are not nearly as “goody two-shoes” as they seem. We also found out that Doug is still hurt over how he couldn’t make that campaign work for his mom and that no matter how hard he tried, she still lost. He (and us as the audience) blame Bud but then it came out that Bud actually did what he could to protect her, which left me finding it harder and harder to hate the old bastard.

Finally there’s the cautious friendship that is developing between Susan and Elaine. Talk about two people playing each other, and yet underneath it all I do see a real bond growing there. It’s just tough that the both of them still have to do what they need to do to protect their careers. So Susan will hang on to her story as long as she gets full access from Doug on everything that happens, and I have no doubt that Elaine will continue to keep Susan in the dark, hoping to get more tips like the one about Garcetti’s plans for her. Hard to believe there are only three more episodes in this series left to go and yet I have no doubt those final three will be as packed as the first have been.

My favorite bits..

“Please don’t say vagina again.” – The panic over that one word was rather hilarious to watch.

“Wow, water. You’re trying to bore me off the wagon.”

Everyone’s reaction to Bud just showing up at the house out of the blue.

My hopes for Anne doing anything except complain about something and then have sex with Doug are starting to get fewer and farther between.

Doug’s near-panic when Elaine talked about he owed her after “what he did.”

“Most people show preferential treatment to the people they are sleeping with. You do the opposite. I find that upsetting.”

Bud’s “friend” showing up at his door and aiming a shotgun at Bud’s head. Yep, sounds about right.

“You got some nerve showing up here after you screwed my wife.”
“Of course he did.”

“I remember your press aide handing me a fish and spanning my picture if that’s what you mean.” – Ouch.

TJ getting both his brother and his future sister-in-law to take ecstasy. Wow, so much for thinking that Doug was the good son. On the upside, Anne finally did something other than complain and have sex.

“Why aren’t we talking about what I can accomplish as president?”

“I know it’s not fair, but ambition looks better on men.”
“I don’t care how it looks.” – It’s lines like these that make me want to be like Elaine when I grow up.

“You heard me right, I just said penis.” – Guess he found a word that would make more people angry than “vagina.”

“Mom, I love your pep talks.” -Ha! I was just thinking the same thing.

Doug breaking down in front of his dad, telling him that he did everything he could to help his mother win and it wasn’t his fault.

“See, you remember the politics and I remember how beautiful you looked.”

Jubal pointing out that Elaine had a chance at the presidency, but only without Bud.

Doug finding out the truth about what happened in California and how Bud’s seemingly idiotic actions were his way of protecting Elaine. Wow.

Elaine asking Susan to join her on a walk.

“I am not running for president, but I am looking forward to spending more time together.”

Susan agreeing to hold the story…just so long as Doug gives her what she asks for.

What did you think of this episode of Political Animals? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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