Actress Ashley Williams to Return to ‘How I Met Your Mother’

According to a report at TV Line the folks over at How I Met Your Mother are not done with the love story between Ted (series lead Josh Radnor) and Victoria (guest actress Ashley Williams). Williams will be back this fall for a multi-episode arc.

As viewers of the long-running CBS comedy recall from last season, Ted and Victoria admitted they still have feelings for each other just as she was to wed another man. In the end, his conscience stepped in, taking her back to the ceremony; but memories of their love story revisited them and they bypassed the church.

When the show comes back for its eighth season, Ted learns that Victoria didn’t contact her jilted fiance, prompting him to take her back to the church. Executive producer Craig Thomas shared that “the episode shows all of the ramifications of that decision”.

Williams got her first big break in the daytime soap ‘As the World Turns’ before starring in ‘Good Morning, Miami’ and then appearing in the short-lives shows ‘Huff’, ‘E-Ring’ and ‘Side Order of Life’. Most recently she guest-starred in episodes of ‘Warehouse 13’ and ‘Royal Pains’. She also appeared in the made-for-TV movies ‘Snow’, its sequel “Snow 2: Brain Freeze’, ‘Montana Sky’, ‘The Front’ and ‘At Risk’. Her box office film roles include ‘Something Borrowed’ and ‘Margin Call’.

‘How I Met Your Mother’ will be back for its 8th season on CBS starting on September 24 at 8/7c.