Common Law (USA) “In-Laws Vs. Outlaws” Review – Battle of the Mentors

Common Law (USA) In-Laws Vs. Outlaws Episode 10

In this episode of Common Law, called “In-Laws Vs. Outlaws,” we get to meet the men that made Travis and Wes into the cops they are today.

When a case brings out not only Travis’ mentor Dan, but also Wes’ mentor Fred, it turns into team against team to catch the bad guy. Trouble is, nobody’s really sure who’s on whose team. When Dan tells Travis he really needs the win that solving the case will get him, Travis of course starts fighting for his mentor. But when Wes gets wind of just how bad off Fred is and how he needs this too, it’s mentor and mentee vs. mentor and mentee.

After a while though, both guys come to realize that maybe having their mentors around isn’t as great as it’s cracked up to be. Wes and Travis have an alliance of their own and soon they go back to defending each other, which is how it should be.

Much like we’ve seen in other episodes of this show, the premise in this one was made of comedy but underneath it all there was a lot of truth. Once the guys saw how each of their mentors was a ghost of what their own futures could become, they saw their own faults as clearly as if they were standing in front of mirrors. In the end, neither of them wants to become exactly like their mentors but they also continue to give them the respect that the men deserve. Though Fred and Dan may not be exactly the kind of men Wes and Travis want to be in their old age, they do know that without their mentors they would not be the cops that they are today.

My favorite bits..

Really digging the song used in the opening scene.

“That’s just his default state.”

Kinda love that so many eps open with Wes giving relationship advice in group.

Wes admitting that his ex and his mom had a great relationship, without him. His mom was upset with his decision to leave law, too? Jeesh. Poor Wes.

Wes getting uncomfortable when Dan asked how, ahem, “they” were hanging.

OMG! Wes’ mentor is Kevin Tighe?? I used to watch him in old reruns of Emergency! all the time. So awesome.

Wait. Wes’ mentor and Travis’ mentor don’t get along? Wow, who’d a thunk it? LOL.

“He is the ghost of future Wes.” – Yeah, I was kinda thinking the same thing.

Wes shoving Travis down, and then Travis checking in to make sure his partner was okay.

The little tap Travis gave Wes’ shoulder to let him know it was okay to move. I love spotting little things like that. They really do work together so well.

Wes diving over the truck. Nice!

Fred calling Wes “Wesley” and Dan continuing to call Travis “T.”

“Whatever. Who signs a text message?” – Man’s got a point.

The guys simultaneously putting their heads down on the table as soon as their mentors left.

“Look, you spend a career upholding the standards of conduct, you’re not going to wind up with many friends.” – Hm, interesting thought for Wes and his proclivity for constantly correcting people.

Dr. Ryan making the comparison between the boys’ mentors and the other couple’s troubles with their in-laws. LOL.

“Goddogit! You put a dent in Trudy.”

Travis telling Dan that Wes was his partner now. Aw.

Travis deciding that he was the decider. Yes!

“I think Travis just had a breakthrough. We can analyze that later, okay?”

Fred and Snowy 2 both growling at the perp.

The boys and their mentors playing bad cop and more bad cops.

“Should I tell him you said that?”
“Just the ‘grumpy son of a bitch’ part.”

Fred telling Wes that he’d turned into a fine detective and Travis that…he was well on his way. Ha!

Wes and Travis fighting over who was going to end up like their mentor. My money’s on both of them.

Wes’ “He started it” as the captain kicked them out of his office. Mature, Wes. Very mature.

What did you think of this episode of Common Law? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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