Hulu To Co-Produce BBC’s ‘The Thick Of It’

Hulu and BBC are teaming up to co-produce the political comedy The Thick of It. The series, from creator Armando Ianucci, is now entering into its fourth season thanks to the deal struck between the two that will allow the satire that pokes fun at the British government live on with viewers able to tune in online. “I very quickly became obsessed with this show, and it is exactly the kind of show Hulu viewers will love,” said Hulu SVP of Content Andy Forssell. “We’re really excited to give U.S. audiences a chance to catch up with all previous episodes, and as series co-producers for season four, we are proud to make full seasons of this distinctive and smart show available exclusively to Hulu viewers.”

Matt Forde, the Executive Vice President of BBC Worldwide Americas of Sales & Co-Productions, was also pleased with the partnership. “We are excited to have partnered with Hulu for the co-production of the fourth season of ‘The Thick of It’ and to make the entire show available to their users. With the hilarious satirical storylines, the series is ideal for Hulu’s audience which enjoys cutting-edge comedy television.”

Fans can now watch the first three seasons of ‘The Thick of It’ on Hulu with season four on the way. Check out the video trailer below.